About Wall Clock Philosophy: Simple Ways to Live a Better Life

About Wall Clock Philosophy Simple Ways to Live a Better Life
About Wall Clock Philosophy Simple Ways to Live a Better Life

What are you guys busy with? If you are already working, take care of your health to stay focused. Some of you may have joined the committee of an event, whether it's an event at an office event. When involved in an event, we will definitely try our best to minimize errors that may occur.

Staying up late and getting up early may have become a daily meal for event organizers. Everything was done to make the event run smoothly but have you ever tried your best and still got blamed? Sometimes, you will feel angry because the effort you put in is taken for granted and is not appreciated.

Although this often happens, we must be able to accept criticism and suggestions from others as a process of self-maturation. Various ways are done to continue to learn even from an object. I want to introduce a philosophy that comes from an item, namely the Wall Clock Philosophy. What can we learn from the philosophy of wall clocks? Lots.

What is the Philosophy of a Wall Clock?

This philosophy is based on the clock which is a timepiece. The shape of the clock also varies, ranging from watches, wall clocks, and so on. Every watch that is traded in society is made of several components that have an important role. One of them is the hour hand as a number indicator that works continuously in turns.

Likewise with the structure of the committee in a complementary event. When you work with other people, you must complete the tasks for which you are responsible. Getting appreciation for what we have done is sometimes very necessary. Appreciating the performance of teammates is one form of our appreciation to others. However, what if that doesn't happen?

Learn from the Wall Clock, People see it or not, it keeps ringing, Appreciated or not, it keeps turning, Even though no one says thank you, it still works.

Every hour, every minute, even every second, Continue to do good to others even though our good deeds are not judged and noticed by others, Like a Wall Clock that continues to work, even though it is not visible but is always beneficial for those around him.

Whatever the situation, we must accept the various responses that other people give gracefully, be it joy or sorrow. Regardless of what people think of us, don't forget to do good to others.

Benefits of Applying the Wall Clock Philosophy

Of the various benefits that can be taken in implementing this philosophy, there are 3 important benefits. Here are the Benefits of the Wall Clock Philosophy:

1. Accept reality: In living life, people often do things for various reasons, whether it's lust or the mood they are feeling and everything you do has positive and negative consequences.

Sometimes everything we want may go the way we want it to. However, it would be nice if we accept whatever happened. It could be that uncomfortable situations hold important lessons for you.

Like a wall clock that accepts to stick on the wall in carrying out its duties. Although not as fortunate as the watch that its master was more concerned with, it did beep and twirl.

2. Helping others: Everyone wants to be useful to others. In addition to lightening the burden of other people's lives, you also seem to be able to provide inner satisfaction for yourself when you do it with all your heart.

Being useful doesn't have to be smarter than other people. Maybe simply being a good listener or paying a little attention to others will help someone else.

Some people believe, if we help or help others, then we will get what we deserve in return from others. Like a wall clock that never knows we need it or not, the important thing is that the clock is there for us.

3. Accepting the shortcomings of others: Humans are the most perfect creatures created by God. Feeling perfect and wanting to look perfect is possible, but no one is perfect in this world.

Everyone is created with all the advantages and disadvantages that are different but unique. As a human, you must have made mistakes, big or small. But, why is it sometimes difficult to accept other people's mistakes?

This philosophy awakens us to accept the shortcomings of others. Because in some cases, we can also be the cause of this happening.

When the wall clock is no longer useful because it is not maintained, it would be nice if you introspect yourself first after other people do things that harm you.

For some, it may be difficult to accept other people's flaws or even their own. Perhaps, doing good in any situation can make you more useful to those around you.
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