About the Emotional Sponge: Stress Absorbing Personality

About the Emotional Sponge Stress Absorbing Personality
About the Emotional Sponge Stress Absorbing Personality

Speaking of emotions, do you have so much empathy for a person who is going through a problem that you absorb negative emotions in that person? Have you ever felt easily stressed after hearing a heartbreaking story that was being experienced by the people closest to you?

Those who have high empathy will easily communicate and feel the emotions of others. No wonder they are often invited to confide in other people. Unfortunately, excessive empathy can make them feel tired and even stressed. This excessive empathy can also be called an emotional sponge.

What is an Emotional Sponge?

Empathy is the ability to understand another person's feelings by seeing a problem from that person's point of view. Empathy is needed to build good social relationships with other people.

As the name implies, emotional sponge shows the personality type of people who easily absorb emotions from the surrounding environment. The reason is, this person tends to have high empathy to be able to feel how deep the pain or sadness of others. Especially if they have experienced it. Therefore, they are easily frustrated, angry, sad, and anxious after absorbing other people's emotions.

In addition to high empathy, someone who has an emotional sponge also has good intuition. However, they may find it difficult to manage their own emotions. Instead, they feel responsible for the lives of others.

When someone else has a problem, someone with an emotional sponge feels like they have to help solve the problem. If he couldn't help, he would feel guilty. He finds it difficult to feel happy when he knows the suffering of others.

People with emotional sponges tend to prioritize the lives of others over their own. As a result, they are often taken advantage of by the toxic people around them.

You need to know that emotional sponges are bad for mental health. Not infrequently someone with this condition ends up experiencing panic and depression. Therefore, you should avoid emotional sponges and try to manage your emotions better.

How to Avoid Emotional Sponges

1. Have strong boundaries: You can't go wrong if you have high empathy. However, you should also understand that you can't handle everything. Don't blame yourself for negative emotions in other people's lives.

You must be able to identify the characteristics of certain people and situations that have the potential to absorb your energy. Especially, considering you easily absorb the emotions that other people have. So, limit your interactions with them. If you're invited to a boisterous party, feel free to say "no" if you don't want to come.

2. Don't hesitate to stay away from things that bother you: A person with an emotional sponge can easily lose their energy due to reading bad news, being in an overly crowded place, or other conditions that interfere with their comfort. If you are in a restaurant and sitting next to a group of people making noise that makes you uncomfortable, move to another table. Move to a quieter place where you feel comfortable.

3. Limit physical touch: Energy from one person can be transferred to another through eyes and touch. Someone who has high empathy can feel the emotions of others, even just through facial expressions or eyes.

If you feel uncomfortable with someone, limit eye contact. Also avoid touching such as hugging or holding hands. If you have to cuddle, just tie yourself a short hug so you don't have to worry about absorbing the stress the other person is feeling.

4. Rest: A person with excessive empathy needs alone time to regain their energy. Spend some quiet time without phone calls, cell phone lights, and social media. Do meditation or recreation in nature to find a clean, fresh, green and calming atmosphere while doing grounding. Earthing is a therapeutic method by making direct contact with the earth's surface so that the body gets positive energy from the earth's surface.

There's nothing wrong with having empathy. We need empathy to have good social relationships with other people. However, don't let excessive empathy make you absorb all the negative emotions and feel overwhelmed and stressed.
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