Viktor Frankl's Philosophy: How To Live A Happy Life Through The Meaning Of Life

Viktor Frankl's Philosophy How To Live A Happy Life Through The Meaning Of Life
Viktor Frankl's Philosophy How To Live A Happy Life Through The Meaning Of Life

Who is still looking for an effective and instant way of happy life? It is a fact that the happiness crisis is again a hot topic of conversation. Moreover, in the midst of these difficult times that hit the lives of many people.

There are three dimensions seen in the survey that measure the level of happiness, namely life satisfaction, feelings and meaning of life. Well, maybe you are wondering how the meaning of life can be a measure of happiness.

For some people, maybe wealth and luxury are enough to be a source of satisfying happiness. On the other hand, there are those who think that feeling and having comfortable relationships with other people is another key to happiness. However, a 2019 study proved that finding meaning in life can reduce levels of depressive symptoms and increase their positive impact on people.

This is also contained in the philosophy of Viktor Frankl, a neurologist and psychiatrist, about the importance of meaning in life. He believed that the pursuit of happiness was futile. The truth is, you can only find happiness after finding your own meaning in life.

Who is Victor Frankl?

Born March 26, 1905 in Austria, Viktor Frankl was a neurologist and psychiatrist who is also considered the founder of logotherapy. Logotherapy is a form of psychotherapy to give meaning to a better quality of life. To understand his philosophy further, you can also read his most famous work, 'Man's Search for Meaning' (2006).

In his book, he describes his personal life while living in one of the concentration camps at Auschwitz. Different from other survival stories, Viktor actually finds a way to live a happy life behind all his suffering and sadness. Until the end of his life, he always upholds the search for meaning in life and human freedom to act.

What is Viktor Frankl's philosophy of meaning in life?

According to Viktor Frankl's philosophy, there are three concepts of the search for meaning in life which are also the basic reference for logotherapy. Starting from freedom of will, will to meaning, and meaning of life.

First, freedom of will means that we are free to choose and move as needed. This freedom signifies one's own ability to build a life that has various limitations. Therefore, we can live various life scenarios according to our own choice.

Furthermore, Viktor Frankl's philosophy emphasizes that the desire to find meaning in life means that we are also free to pursue all of life's goals. The reason is, humans always want to know the meaning or purpose of each other's life. While the meaning of life is a goal, where humans have the responsibility to interpret life better.

That's a brief explanation of the contents of Viktor Frankl's philosophy of the meaning of life. Next, I'll help you learn tips on how to live a happy life through Viktor Frankl's philosophy.

Tips for a Happy Life Through the Philosophy of the Meaning of Life

1. Take responsibility: The first way to be happy is to start taking responsibility. That is, you must be able to determine your own life path with all the consequences. One thing that humans cannot replace is freedom of action in any situation.

For example, when you fail to achieve a predetermined work target. Take a look at your thoughts and check how often you blame or belittle yourself. By taking responsibility for a decision, there's a good chance you'll be able to set this issue straight.

To find the meaning of life in the future, you also have to know when to give up and when to keep fighting. Your existence does not end here. Therefore, you should always be ready to choose the next step to find happiness.

2. Don't give up your own freedom: After taking responsibility, it's time for you to pay attention to your own freedom. Because, there are many threats that can take a person's freedom. Therefore, always be vigilant and don't let go of the freedom you have, okay?

More demands and responsibilities doesn't mean your life should be any more restricted. How can you find a way to live happily if you are not free yourself? This is where the first tips according to Viktor Frankl's philosophy can be the right solution.

By being responsible, we get many new opportunities in life. Starting from the opportunity to find a partner, the opportunity to work according to your dreams, even the opportunity to feel the burdens of life. Once you find the reason for your existence, then you can face all difficulties to achieve a happy life.

3. Let happiness come naturally: To quote a paragraph from Viktor Frankl's book, let happiness come naturally like success cannot be chased. You can only know how to live happily without caring too much about it. Soon happiness will be ready to follow you unexpectedly.

Yes, at first glance these tips may seem shallow and strange, yes. However, Viktor actually wants to show that the pursuit of success or happiness has no limits. We are so focused on pursuing our goals that we may forget other, far more important aspects of life.

4. Always love yourself and others: Viktor says that the ultimate goal of a meaningful life is the feeling of love, which is another source of happiness. Only with love, a person is able to face all obstacles no matter how heavy. Moreover, it is also a source of hope and strength for us.

So, don't forget to always love yourself and others, okay? Apparently, this happy way of life is not far from the basic teachings of life so far. Indeed, love will last forever.

That's all from me about Viktor Frankl's Philosophy: How To Live A Happy Life Through The Meaning Of Life and I hope this reading will be of use to you until you find a way to live a happy life!
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