How To Get Rid Of Excessive Jealousy For A Long Lasting Relationship

How To Get Rid Of Excessive Jealousy For A Long Lasting Relationship
How To Get Rid Of Excessive Jealousy For A Long Lasting Relationship

Have you ever felt jealous when you saw your lover close to someone? I'm not saying jealousy isn't good in a romantic relationship, but if this jealousy gets so overwhelming that it's holding your lover back, then what is happening is a sign of a toxic relationship.

Just imagine if you were stuck in a relationship like this? You may be bothered by a lot of negative thoughts towards your lover. As a result, your daily activities that should be prioritized are actually delayed because you are too busy taking care of your lover.

Therefore, I suggest to better understand the meaning of ordinary jealousy and excessive jealousy. Here are the differences about jealousy that you need to pay attention to first.

The difference between ordinary jealousy and excessive jealousy

Jealousy is a response to a perceived threat to a relationship and the traits to show when someone is jealous could be a bad mood, silent treatment, or even more skepticism or suspicion of a partner.

But, keep in mind again that the nature of jealousy is divided into two based on the impact given. The two types of jealousy are ordinary jealousy and excessive jealousy. Hence, one should know more deeply the difference between the two.

Ordinary jealousy is a natural thing to happen when someone feels less confident about something. Ordinary jealousy can be a sign that you still care more about your partner. The impact is only asking for clarification to being more overthinking.

Meanwhile, excessive jealousy can trigger big problems in a relationship. For example, stalking a partner without regard to their privacy, swearing easily, and physical violence in a relationship.

How to get rid of excessive jealousy

Do you know the difference between jealousy? So, you must avoid excessive jealousy so as not to be disappointed. But how? Well, here's how to get rid of excessive jealousy when doing the following things.

1. Be more honest with yourself: The first way to get rid of jealousy is to reject the jealousy itself. Excessive jealousy will indeed hurt someone. However, if you harbor too much jealousy, it can be difficult to know the next steps in your current relationship.

As a result, the relationship can end up unhealthy because it always remembers past and present jealousy. Attempt to contemplate internally why this desire can make you depressed. By knowing the roots, perhaps you will find a solution and meaning to your current jealousy.

2. Build self-confidence: Excessive jealousy can come due to a lack of self-confidence. However, this can be overcome by not comparing ourselves to someone we envy. Therefore, stop having feelings of inferiority in order to develop self-confidence.

There are many ways to increase self-confidence so that you are more confident, one of them is by writing down your various shortcomings. This will help you see the values ​​in yourself that need to be developed more deeply.

3. Mutual trust with your partner: In addition to being confident in yourself, giving trust to your lover needs to be done to avoid jealousy. On the other hand, if you are suspicious of each other, the relationship will feel uncomfortable because you doubt your lover's loyalty.

In addition, this mutual trust will test the commitment and honesty of a relationship. Basically, someone who is loyal will not break a promise that has been made.

4. Give yourself time: Giving yourself time is a way to increase self-awareness. The goal is that someone is better able to regulate emotions so they can accept what they are. Therefore, try to calm down and give yourself time so that it is not easy to criticize something.

Excessive jealousy will be felt when something expected does not happen, not after. Meanwhile, jealousy itself will fade slowly over time. With a note, that you remain open to ask everything you feel to your lover.

5. Express jealousy with assertive communication: Always remember that acting emotionally is a sign of short-term problem solving. Likewise, when jealousy arises, don't be in a hurry to judge something from your own mind. Try slowly to communicate various concerns to your lover.

One way to do this is to use assertive communication. This means that you are able to convey and express jealousy in a clear way and can respect the privacy of your lover's opinions and privacy.

Keep in mind, that jealousy comes when a person does not have full awareness of himself. Therefore, if one has high self-confidence, one will deserve the love of one's lover.
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