About the Social Butterfly, The Extroverted Personality Who Makes Many People Comfortable

About the Social Butterfly, The Extroverted Personality Who Makes Many People Comfortable
About the Social Butterfly, The Extroverted Personality Who Makes Many People Comfortable

Surely you are familiar with extrovert and introvert personalities, right? Extrovert is the type of personality who actively socializes to fill energy and create a good mood. Meanwhile, introverts are the opposite of extroverts who prefer to be alone as an energy recovery process.

If we discuss the extrovert personality type, there is one interesting trait. Has anyone heard of the term Social Butterfly? As the name implies butterfly, people who have this trait can "perch" in any environment.

What is a Social Butterfly?

A social butterfly is a term for someone who is socially active, has lots of friends, and is often considered charming and charismatic. They are always more people-oriented. No wonder if his daily schedule is full of busyness outside the home. They love going to events, meeting new people, and talking about things.

According to psychologists, social butterflies are always happy to meet and build socialization with other people. In fact, they always try to find a topic of conversation to open the conversation first. Even though the topic of conversation is something they don't understand, they can still enjoy and connect with a lot of people.

Social Butterfly Personality Traits

1. Extroverts: According to personality and social psychologist William Chopik, the most distinctive feature of social butterflies is that they have an extroverted personality. Extroverted personality owners tend to like to socialize with many people, and have extensive relationships. They are very active and tend to be dominant in social interactions.

2. Charismatic: According to a professor at Baylor College of Medicine, Asim Shah, the social butterfly personality type is easily liked by others. They have a charismatic side that makes others admire them. Plus they are flexible in interacting so as to make the other person feel comfortable and not awkward.

3. Actively Talking: Social butterflies are talkative people. In contrast to chatty, more precisely they are skilled in interacting. They like to open a chat, small talk, to a serious chat. The social butterfly doesn't find it difficult to chat, even if that's not his field.

As if not finding difficulties in their interactions, it turns out that social butterflies also have their own challenges. Even though they have many friends, it doesn't mean their life is perfect. There are difficulties and obstacles that can be felt by the social butterfly.

The Challenge of Being a Social Butterfly

For those of you who have the personality of a social butterfly, some of the challenges below may have you experienced so far.

1. Poor time management: Doing social activities, coming to many events, or chatting are activities that social butterflies enjoy. So don't be surprised if your calendar is full of well-attended events. This is the biggest challenge for you. Dividing time between work and social activities can be very challenging.

In addition, you may also find it difficult to attend or attend an event on time. Especially if you were previously busy chatting with someone. You can talk about so many things that you forget that you have to hurry because you have another appointment.

2. Attention-hungry: For you, being the center of attention is great fun. You also enjoy being around people and interacting with them.

But, sometimes you feel annoyed if someone else is also the center of attention like you. You may feel like a substitute at that point. This is one of the challenges for the social butterfly. Sharing your concern with others can make you feel second to yourself.

3. It's hard to limit yourself: Even however you love groups and meeting individuals, there are times when you can likewise feel tired. In one day, maybe you can open a chat with dozens of people. On the other hand, you yourself also need time to rest.

But, because you are a social butterfly, limiting yourself to interact with other people can be difficult. Moreover, your friends know that you are a cool person to talk to.

According to Nicole Beurkens, social butterflies tend to make decisions impulsively at the last minute. They choose to cancel appointments because they are overwhelmed with their own schedule. This can make his friends feel disappointed.

4. Difficult to build intimate relationships: Quantity does not always determine quality. There's no need to doubt the number of people in your circle of friends. But, is your relationship limited to acquaintances or close friends and even friends?

According to William Chopik, social butterflies have difficulty establishing intimate relationships with other people. In terms of friendship, they only had a superficial relationship.

How to Overcome the Social Butterfly Challenge?

As you know, the first challenge as a social butterfly is time management. To try to strike a balance between social and personal interests, you need to learn to manage your time and set boundaries. When you have to work and when you can have fun with your friends.

Also, before making the decision to make an appointment, take a look at your schedule. If you think you might be overwhelmed by a busy schedule, you can politely decline. If you feel like you have a lot of work to do, postpone going out with your friends. By doing this, of course you will have a balanced life, between work and social environment.
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