About Nature and Nurture: How to Recognize Your Potential

About Nature and Nurture How to Recognize Your Potential
About Nature and Nurture How to Recognize Your Potential

Have you ever wondered where someone's talent or talent actually comes from? Does it come from genetics (hereditary factors) or environmental influences?

Some people may believe that a person's talent comes from the genetics of his parents. However, not a few also argue that the development of a person's potential can be influenced by the availability of a supportive environment.

So, which one is right, huh? It turns out that in the world of psychology, genetic and environmental factors are known as Nature and Nurture. Nature is a factor that a person has since in the womb, while Nurture is an environmental factor that influences individual behavior. Nature and Nurture both play an important role in supporting the development of one's talents.

Well, you can read my article About Nature and Nurture to the end to get a good understanding of nature and Nurture, OK!

About the Difference between Nature and Nurture

Human behavior is influenced by two opposing factors, namely nature and nurture. Nature is a genetically inherent characteristic in a person.

Nature can also be interpreted as a natural state that is human nature. Biologically, many genes directly affect certain traits in humans so that they become factors that shape a person's behavior.

This is reinforced by the thought of Edward L. Thorndike that the most decisive factor in human development is heredity. So, you could say the talent you have comes from biological conditions that are passed down from the womb. Traits include physical appearance to the character of a person's personality. For example, hair color, skin color, verbal ability, and others.

Unlike the case with nature which focuses on forces outside of humans, nurture maintains or cares for environmental factors that influence a person's habits and character. According to John B. Watson, experience can slowly shape human personality. Nurture can be likened to a writer who is able to rewrite human nature so as to form new behaviors.

As we know, human nature is dynamic so we will continue to learn to open ourselves to all updates. Over time, we will also discover our potential from the results of the learning process.

Not infrequently we find people who may experience changes in nature from time to time. For example, a good nurture role will slowly form an individual who is mature, independent, and full of responsibility.

Benefits of Balancing Nature and Nurture

Most psychologists believe that the combination of nature and nurture can shape human development optimally. Talent or potential is a natural factor that is passed down from generation to generation in a person, such as the ability to do something.

In addition to recognizing our potential, nature and upbringing also play a role in shaping our inner intelligence. The role of parents is very big influence in improving our intellectual abilities, such as providing a good education and parenting that is not authoritarian. In addition, self-determination is important to encourage our intellectual development.

How to Dig Your Potential Easily

1. Knowing our deepest interests: We need to know our deepest interests by knowing how much you are interested in something. By knowing that, we can be more focused and specific in developing interests.

2. Confidence to develop self-potential: Self-confidence is needed in the process of developing self-potential. The reason is, self-confidence helps us to spend all our abilities to develop these interests so that the results obtained will be maximal.

Also try the One Percent Confidence Factor Test! Maybe the test results can help you find the right strength for yourself.

3. Get support from those closest to you: The thing that should not be missed in the process of developing one's potential is the support of those closest to you. The support of those closest to us helps our learning process to be more focused. For example, parents can help and monitor our development more intensely.

Lastly, don't stop looking for your potential and thank you for reading my article About Nature and Nurture to the end.
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