About Love Hate Relationships You Should Know

About Love Hate Relationships You Should Know
About Love Hate Relationships You Should Know

There is a cartoon story that tells of a cat and a mouse who like to fight with each other. But sometimes, they also work together to do something that makes the relationship look harmonious.

The characters of Tom and Jerry only consist of fictional characters, but it turns out that there are also many lovers whose behavior is similar to them. For example, fighting over something, but then forgiving each other. Then, do it again at another time continuously.

Basically. Someone who has a partner must have experienced the ups and downs of a relationship. Misunderstandings and quarrels will always be present, no matter how harmonious the relationship.

However, of course all problems have a solution, right? Quarrel can be considered good if the result makes the relationship more mature. On the other hand, it will be bad if it produces a grudge that makes the relationship unhealthy.

Well, for those who don't know, a relationship like the story above can be called a love hate relationship. This time I will discuss the meaning of love hate relationships and the signs that often appear in these relationships.

For those of you who are curious about what a love hate relationship is, you can read on until the end of my writing.

What is a Hate Love Relationship?

Love hate relationship is a relationship condition that makes both partners inconsistent in showing their love feelings. They will sometimes give a strong sense of love and affection, but sometimes hate their own partner.

Couples who have a love hate relationship tend to be easy to say rudely for no reason. On the one hand, they also often think about ending the relationship, but in the end continue the relationship because they don't want to separate. You will also be characterized as a partner who is more emotional in dealing with problems.

Signs of Stuck in Love Hate Relationships

Previously, I have listed some of the most common characteristics that occur in love-hate relationships. The goal is that you have the ability to overcome the fight. Here I will provide other signs that you should immediately recognize and deal with.

1. Can not stand the nature of the partner: There are always advantages and disadvantages that may have a positive meaning from a partner. However, unlike a love-hate relationship, sometimes there are some traits that make us disturbed. For example, when your partner is selfish, temperamental, or lazy. Such traits can be the spark in a love-hate relationship.

In a love hate relationship, someone will see this as a matter of course. Instead of improving their nature, they tend to prefer to maintain the relationship by committing but repeating mistakes.

2. Emotions that go up and down: The most common sign of a love-hate relationship is unstable emotions. This can happen when your partner finds it difficult to make the choice he wants from his partner. At one time, your partner may really love you, but a few days later he doubts his affection because of some shortcomings that you have.

The condition for you to avoid conditions like this is to understand the goals and expectations you want from your partner. Don't leave your partner because of a condition or two that you don't like. Try to think of ways to hold your own emotions in order to think long term.

3. Rarely communicate intensely: In this case, the next sign of love hate relationship can be seen from the lack of communication between each other. On the one hand, this relationship tends to make couples stay compact even though they rarely talk.

In fact, communication is the most important aspect in a relationship. With communication, you will be more open to knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your partner.

Therefore, try to start discussing how serious you are about your relationship with your partner. Conversely, if you are less intense in communicating, then you and your partner will stay away from each other.

4. Excessive fatigue: One of the signs of a love hate relationship is when too much emotional baggage gets into you. All of these burdens can arise from the nature of the partner who constantly does not show his good nature.

In addition, another sign when your partner often does not resolve issues that should be resolved by discussion. Subsequently, you hush up about the issue, possibly influencing your emotional wellness from overthinking this relationship. Automatically, you can be exhausted when all the burden piled on your shoulders.

5. Relationships have no purpose: Couples should have clear goals. The purpose of the relationship is important because you can know the next stage of this relationship. Is it just being serious or just playing around? It is better to discuss this from the beginning so that in the future you have plans for the future.

On the other hand, if you don't have a clear vision and needs in a relationship, then you will be stuck in a love-hate relationship. This can make you confused with your partner so you don't want to let him go for fear of losing his figure.

A healthy relationship is when you can be yourself and accept your partner's flaws. But in a love-hate relationship, you tend to do it half-heartedly. This could be because you don't know yourself or are afraid to make the wrong decision.

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