About the Benefits of Positive Self Talk to Increase Confidence

About the Benefits of Positive Self Talk to Increase Confidence
About the Benefits of Positive Self Talk to Increase Confidence

About the Benefits of Positive Self Talk to Increase Confidence. I want to ask, have you ever talked to yourself? It's like you're talking to yourself, you don't have to say it, it's like a monologue in a drama movie. If I often do ask myself questions, then I answer myself, almost every day I do that and maybe you are also familiar with this activity.

Yes, talking to yourself is also known as self talk. There are two types of self talk, negative and positive. For the negative, this is usually a negative dialogue with yourself, such as belittling or criticizing yourself.

For positive self talk itself, this is a dialogue with positive sentences for yourself. Although it doesn't sound foreign to your ears, this positive self-talk has a big impact on you. Among them can affect mental health, self-confidence, and also motivation.

What is Positive Self Talk?

Self talk is an internal dialogue with oneself that is done consciously. Self talk can be influenced by personality. For people who have an optimistic personality, self-talk tends to be positive and full of hope (positive self-talk). On the other hand, pessimistic people tend to be negative (negative self talk).

Positive self-talk can have an impact on mental health and encourage a more positive outlook on life. For example, the words: "Okay, my efforts today have been maximal and tomorrow will definitely be a better day than today" doesn't mean we're lying to ourselves or being unrealistic. By doing positive self-talk, we try to highlight the positive side that exists. It can help us stay positive. spirit.

According to psychologist Gregory Jantz, positive self-talk is a process that allows us to discover the hidden side of optimism, hope and joy in any situation. A 2020 study conducted on three 800-meter runners found that positive self-talk made them run faster and feel mentally stronger.

Benefits of Positive Self Talk

Positive self talk is important because it has many positive effects or effects. From a study, positive self-talk has been shown to make athletes perform better. In addition, constantly saying positive words to yourself can help us see the positive side of various situations that occur. The benefits of positive self-talk include:

1. Helps reduce stress: People who always practice positive self-talk tend to think of strategies to solve problems. They are more focused on finding solutions than just focusing on difficult problems. In addition, having positive thoughts also helps us to be calmer and focus on our own abilities.

2. Increase self-confidence: Practicing positive self-talk makes us feel confident and confident in our abilities. Because, positive sentences that we say can foster self-confidence and enthusiasm to achieve goals. Even in difficult situations, we can find the best solutions.

3. Establish healthy relationships: Being close to positive, confident, and enthusiastic people can contribute to transmitting a positive aura to those closest to them. If you are that person, surely the people around you can feel comfortable around you. Not only that, we can also distinguish positive people from negative people because you tend to be sensitive.

Although it looks simple, doing positive self-talk turns out to be very influential in shaping our daily attitudes. Instead of constantly making yourself insecure with negative sentences, it's better to appreciate and reassure yourself with positive sentences.

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If you're not used to positive self-talk, you need to get used to it. Although the impression is easy, but for people who are used to doing negative self-talk, it will be difficult to change it. When faced with a problem, unconsciously the sentences spoken are negative.

How to Build Positive Self-Talk Habits

1. Identify negative self-talk habits: The first thing you need to do is identify your negative self-talk habits. Starting from when or at what time do we usually do this. For people who often do negative self-talk, this can happen spontaneously without realizing it. By identifying them, you can take precautions to refrain from saying negative sentences.

2. Create humor: When you're stuck in an emotion that causes a lot of negative thoughts, try making a funny interlude. Try making yourself laugh by watching funny videos or listening to comedians. At least laughing can relieve stress and make us more relaxed.

3. Look for a positive social environment: Since the social environment also affects the way we act, you should start looking for friends who can make a positive impact. By having positive friends, they can also help us in finding solutions to a problem.

4. Practice positive self-talk: Begin practicing positive self-talk. Don't say things that are impossible to say to other people. In any situation, give yourself positive affirmations. As a result, we can slowly build positive self-talk habits.

That's my writing this time About the Benefits of Positive Self Talk to Increase Confidence.

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