About the Benefits of Nostalgia, Do you often reminisce about the past?

About the Benefits of Nostalgia, Do you often reminisce about the past
About the Benefits of Nostalgia, Do you often reminisce about the past

What do you usually do before bed? Have you ever wanted to sleep when suddenly remembered an event that made you smile?

I'm sure some of you, must have accidentally remembered something just because your friend played a song or remembered the cooking of someone we can't see anymore because it smells similar to the food of our loved ones. From this, we can conclude that nostalgia is a sad thing and bothers us to be happy.

This time I want to discuss about the meaning and benefits of nostalgia. Read to the end if you often reminisce, especially for those of you who are often sad because they are stuck in the past.

What is Nostalgia?

Nostalgia comes from the Greek language which consists of two words, namely nostos and algos which means house and wound. Nostalgia is the point at which you out of nowhere feel a profound misfortune and yearning in psyches for certain aspects of your past existence.

When reminiscing about a happy past, maybe you will smile and even laugh, but there are also some people who become sad because the incident cannot be repeated for various reasons. Nostalgia usually occurs when you miss someone or an event that has special meaning in your life, whether it was pleasant or otherwise.

Nostalgic Benefits

Often nostalgia is synonymous with separation, although sometimes it makes us sad. However, there is also a nostalgia benefit for us to develop.

1. Can improve your mood: Have you ever looked forward to your school, college or university event? For example, a reunion, and you just want to meet an old friend who is already busy.

Waiting for the day when you can meet old friends, maybe you will reminisce about the events that you experienced with your friends. For example, a lot of punishment, or the silly behavior of your friends.

If you used to be angry or sad because your friends had trouble, maybe these past memories made you smile to yourself and even laugh to yourself. Therefore, the first benefit of nostalgia is to improve mood.

2. Carrying away: When bored or looking for photos on social media, we often spend quite a long time looking at past photos, whether they were you or not.

Also very often when we look at past photos we remember someone we never relate to anymore, and at the end of the day, you search social media to find out how they are now.

Say hello, ask how they are, pay a little attention to some of your old friends, that's probably the first thing you'll do. Try to remember your friends who rarely talked to you in the past.

3. Help solve problems: Do you agree that life is full of problems? In fact, to determine lunch, you may have to ask someone else. But have you ever faced a problem that made you feel too emotional?

Sometimes in facing life's challenges, we can face the same problem at different times. The nostalgia benefits associated with your experience may help you solve a problem.

If you're feeling lonely because your friends are busy, maybe you can reminisce a little about your childhood. For example what did you usually listen to when you were a kid, maybe a song? For example, if you enjoyed listening to a certain song at that age, try starting to listen to it again when you are lonely or sad.

4. Increase self-confidence: Everyone must have felt inferior or inferior in life and maybe this happens when you just want to be closer to someone you like.

One of the factors that might make you feel insecure is that you compare yourself to others too often, which makes you underdeveloped. This is where the benefits of nostalgia can make you more confident. Try to use the benefits of nostalgia by remembering the hard struggles you have had in the past.

5. Coping with stress: Stress is the most difficult thing to avoid when you feel a lot of trouble. For example, when work piles up, the room is messy, or for some reason that makes you feel stressed.

The impact of stress itself can be self-defeating if left too long. The way to deal with it is different for everyone. Some are on vacation, playing games, exercising, or just listening to old songs with friends.

Another benefit of nostalgia, which is that it helps you become more relaxed and calm, because you will feel loved by the people around you. Without realizing it, nostalgia can also make you think more clearly when you're stressed. But remember, keep remembering the past according to its portion.

Learning from the benefits of nostalgia that I wrote above, you can realize how beautiful your life journey is. Even though sometimes things don't match your childhood dreams, there is definitely time for you to enjoy life to the fullest.
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