You don't have to be everyone's friend. A few friends will actually make your life more comfortable

You don't have to be everyone's friend. A few friends will actually make your life more comfortable
You don't have to be everyone's friend. A few friends will actually make your life more comfortable

Those of you who are at home more often, or are less able to meet new people, must often feel jealous of your friends who have many friends. They look cool because they know everyone and have friends everywhere. Then you feel inferior because your friends are few.

No need to feel inferior anymore. Those who have many friends are not necessarily better than those whose friends can only be counted on the fingers. All things considered, a lots of friends isn't always reliable when you really need help.

The quality of meeting friends you already know is better than getting together with different friends but in the end just playing on their respective cellphones there

Often when we go out with friends, we gather and sit at the table, but end up busy playing our own cell phones. If this is the case, it could be because you don't have an interesting topic to talk about with your hangout friends. Until finally your cellphone, or the person on your cellphone is more attractive than the person who is currently in front of you.

Why do you have so many friends, always have a schedule to meet this person at this hour and that person at that time, but in the end you will only be busy with your phone? Wouldn't it be great if you met the same people, but you always have something to talk about so your meetings are always of high quality?

Friends who are always ready to listen are more profitable than those who only come when there is a need

Your friends are few. Want to meet or chat, yes only with the same person. From A to Z you can tell. Good news or bad news, you can count on those who are always ready to listen. If needed, they will also be ready to help in any way they can. Aren't such friends more useful than many friends but often only come when they need help?

Maybe you have a lot of friends, but what if when you fall they run away? True friends are those who don't leave even though you're nobody anymore

When you're at the top, with a positive aura surrounding you, it's no wonder everyone is coming to make friends. But our life is not always at the top. There are times when trials come and go and put you at life's lowest points. It is times like these that you will find out who your true friends are and who are just trying to take advantage of you.

Many friends are useless if they all leave when you fall and are nothing. What you need is not just a friend to go crazy with, but also a friend who doesn't go anywhere when you're having a hard time.

Having lots of friends doesn't mean you're never lonely. Sometimes a feeling of loneliness can arise when you are around friends who don't make you comfortable

When you have few friends, and because of that, you are often seen with the same people, or even alone, people may judge you to be lonely. Even though having lots of friends doesn't guarantee you'll never be lonely.

Not all friends can make you comfortable. Sometimes you have to keep your attitude to try to be a different person when you are with them. The discomfort can also make you lonely even though you are in a crowd. What you need is a friend with whom you don't have to try to be someone else. With friends like this, loneliness will never exist, because you are free to be what you want.

Not all friends make you a better person. There are times when you have to let go of those who are actually blocking you from growing

Because everyone is different, not everyone can be a good influence on you. For that you have to be selective in choosing friends. There are people who are a positive influence on you. With them your potential grows and the bad things you used to have can be controlled. But there are also people who are a bad influence on you, so instead of growing, your life becomes more difficult. You are obviously picky about friends because you yourself want to develop into a better person.

When you have a lot of friends, you will indeed look cool because you are good at socializing. But when you're down, don't you just need someone to understand?

Having lots of friends, being surrounded by different people every day might make you look cool. You will look active and good at socializing. Since you have a lot of friends, people will easily assume that you are their crush. Looking cool and slang does make your self-confidence increase. But when you fall later, what you need is not praise or admiration, but someone who can understand your current state.

Just having a few friends doesn't automatically make you a homebody. In fact, you are good at choosing who you should keep and who you should ignore

Having only a few friends doesn't necessarily make you homey or even antisocial. You can also socialize with people, but from there you also have to choose wisely who you should keep as a friend and who you should ignore. Don't let your true friends be wasted just for the sake of friends who eventually disappear when you need support.

There is no need to be discouraged if your friends are few. Because a few qualified friends are better than many meaningless friends

While we are still in college, it may be a good idea to get to know as many new people as possible and gain new experiences. Making friends with lots of people is necessary, because we don't know what will happen next.

And maybe these people can help you in the future. But there are times when we really have to choose who we call friends. Because right now what is needed is not a lot of friends, but quality friends who can support each other and will always be there.

It's good to have lots of friends because you always have a traveling companion. But friends are not always reliable. You don't have to be everyone's friend. Because what you need is not friends scattered everywhere, but friends who are always there even though the distance separates the two of you.
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