Understanding the Meaning of Dokkodo's Philosophy to Live a Mindful Life

Understanding the Meaning of Dokkodo's Philosophy to Live a Mindful Life
Understanding the Meaning of Dokkodo's Philosophy to Live a Mindful Life

Each of us would want to have a peaceful life without any problems. However, of course, problems will always come so we need to think hard to solve them. Especially if your sleep pattern is disturbed because you think too much all night, that's not good, right?

Solving problems is not easy, but you have a responsibility to find the best solution. Well, this time I will give you a solution that you can try when facing a problem, namely by studying the philosophy of dokkodo.

With the teachings of this Dokkodo philosophy, you are able to face problems with full awareness. Even more than that, this philosophy can develop into all aspects of your daily life.

For example, when you enter a competition, the dokkodo philosophy will lead you to become a winner. In addition, the dokkodo philosophy will also make a leader able to decide everything without involving mere lust.

Well, maybe now you are wondering how to apply it? Be patient, first you have to know the history of the formation of this dokkodo philosophy.

Understanding Dokkodo's Philosophy

The philosophy of dokkodo was introduced by Miyamoto Musashi. He is the number one samurai in Japan who won his first duel at the age of 13. He is noted to have won 61 battles during his lifetime. His victory could not be separated from his expertise in managing concentration during a duel.

He is thought to have died in 1645. However, his departure left several records based on his life story. The dokkodo document itself still exists today at the Prefectural Museum of Art in Kumamoto.

In his notes, there are 21 dokkodo teachings, the majority of which teach about how to live life with full awareness. For example, by looking at Musashi, even though his life was full of threats, he remained calm because he was ready for everything.

How to Apply Dokkodo's Philosophy

1. Must accept the situation: There was a line that Musashi said that basically showed that he wouldn't go against the way the world worked. According to him, there should be no end when one goes against what life gives. Therefore, the dokkodo philosophy suggests being able to accept whatever reality comes in the past or present.

An example is the case when you reject the good and the bad of what you have. If you don't accept it, you won't be able to fix the mistakes you've made. Conversely, if you reject your goodness or strengths, then you will not be able to develop yourself in a better direction.

2. Controlling lust: Musashi advises you to break free from the shackles of lust. Basically lust can be useful to give the spirit of life. However, lust will also not be effective if you are too obsessed with something.

So, how to control the right lust? The key is to be aware of your original purpose for doing something. For example, when you buy expensive clothes, but do you buy them because of prestige? Or because of its use?

Well, if you don't have a goal when buying these clothes, then the clothes you use will not be optimal. Therefore, the next way to apply the dokkodo philosophy is to try to control everything based on mere lust.

3. Take responsibility for yourself: Musashi explains that regret in the past is a hindrance to one's life. So, the dokkodo philosophy teaches you to always consider before you act. Then, take responsibility for all the decisions that occur in your life.

On the one hand, you also need other people to help with your decision. But, you also don't depend too much on other people. Because you can't expect them to act the way you expect them to. Therefore, it is better to return to yourself. Rely on all your abilities for your own life.

4. Don't be jealous of others: The dokkodo philosophy in judging good and bad cannot be generalized to every individual. The most important thing is to get rid of jealousy towards someone.

So, the dokkodo philosophy suggests being more confident in the actions you take. That way, you will be responsible for the things that are considered good or bad in your life.

Lastly, Musashi advised not to compare yourself with others. Better to focus on the abilities that are within you.

5. Stick to your decision: In the face of problems, the dokkodo philosophy keeps you firm with the views you consciously believe in. But, Musashi also didn't force anyone to follow someone's point of view. He believes that everyone has their own lifestyle which should be highly respected.

Because of this, sometimes you need to turn a deaf ear to someone criticizing your views. In fact, you do not need to be afraid if your intentions do not deviate from the values ​​that exist in society.

So, those are five views of life taken from Miyamoto Musashi's dokkodo philosophy. Hopefully the life lessons he gives can make you steady to be aware of the things around you.
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