Trick from me so that your target is not just talk

Trick from me so that your target is not just talk
Trick from me so that your target is not just talk

Early last year, I honestly had no plans to celebrate. When other people eat together or set off fireworks with friends or family, I spend New Year's Eve like any other night, sleeping alone.

However, the words of a friend a few days ago bothered me quite a bit. She said: No need to celebrate the new year, let alone with joy. You can interpret the new year in another way. Self-reflection is followed by making resolutions, for example."

Regarding the resolution, to be honest, I'm already pessimistic. Reflecting on previous years' experience, almost all of my resolutions failed. As a result, I never put them together again. Why make resolutions if, in the end, it's just talking, right?

My opinion about the resolution was actually refuted by my friend. According to him, I have not found the right way to make this resolution. Therefore, the resolution I made ended up in vain. So far, most people think that making resolutions is easy because everything they think about is just written down. Finally, not a few people underestimate and make it carelessly. In fact, compiling a resolution also needs a formula.

Well, do you often experience the same thing as me? It seems you and I should start applying this formula so that the resolution is not just written haphazardly on paper.

You have to understand some of these points first, so you don't get caught in the wrong mindset

When making resolutions, people are often excited at first, then that enthusiasm fades even though it's still January. Committing to sticking to the resolutions for next year is a considerable challenge. Failure to realize a resolution can actually be caused by the wrong mindset. So there's no need to rush into resolutions if you don't understand some of these points.

New year's resolutions don't have to be new

This phrase can actually fool you. You see, you do not need to make a new resolution. Even if resolutions haven't been reached in the previous year, you can reflect that maybe you set your goals too high or used words that were too restrictive. Sentences that are too pushy and in a negative tone will not actually make you motivated to do it, you know.

So, if you had a strict resolution last year, such as not eating junk food at all, you can change it by eating less junk food and replacing it with fruit and vegetables. The resolution is the same, but the tone is different. Positive habit changes can also last a long time because you do it year after year.

Know your own motivation

Resolutions that stop in the middle of the road are sometimes influenced by motivation. Since resolutions are seen as mere targets to be achieved, one does not know the reason behind them. In other words, we are only making resolutions but not interpreting them. To avoid this, you must first understand your own motivation. Strong motivation will foster enthusiasm and determination that will not quickly fade. Also, in making it happen, you can enjoy it more and feel satisfied.

Set realistic targets. No need to be grandiose

Once you know what you want and why you have to ensure that your resolution is achievable. Usually, people are driven to make bombastic resolutions, but they are challenging to implement. Instead of making grandiose ones, you can set realistic and straightforward goals. Positive, simple things, if done continuously, will have a significant impact on life.

Sometimes, right, you are confused about whether the resolution you make is correct or not. According to Forbes, to measure it can use my formula, namely: 1. Make a detailed resolution, 2. Measurable goals, 3. Achievable resolutions, 4. Make sure the resolution has an impact on you, 5. Create an ideal timeline.

Turn resolutions into accurate action plans

Several things must be considered in making resolutions. Remember that resolution is not just a wish but a goal that must be realized. After creating a reasonably detailed list of resolutions, take steps to make it happen. Map out what actions you can abide by the deadlines you have set.

Find support

There are times when resolutions need to be shared to make them more accurate. The more people who know you, the more support will come to you. At first, you may feel uncomfortable telling your new year's resolutions to those around you. However, try to be open and ask for support. To avoid an unexpected response, find someone you trust, such as a family member or close friend.

Don't get hung up on perfection

Making and making resolutions is not about perfection. So, stop hoping that this process will go smoothly without a hitch. It could be that you feel unmotivated and doubt your resolution, but try to get back on the 'right track' according to your goals, okay?

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