Signs You're an Ambivert, What is an Ambivert?

Signs You're an Ambivert, What is an Ambivert?
Signs You're an Ambivert, What is an Ambivert?

So that we can understand someone, usually we will definitely see from the type of personality they have. Usually we will start guessing, whether they are introvert or extrovert from the way they act or respond.

You must be familiar with the terms introvert and extrovert, because these terms are often used to identify a person's personality today.

Someone with an introverted personality type is those who tend to like to be alone and direct their interests more to their own feelings and thoughts. In contrast to those who have extroverted personality types who tend to be more easy going and direct their interests to other people and the outside world.

Over time, it turns out that many people feel they are neither introverts nor extroverts. This has led to the emergence of new terms, namely ambivert personality type, non-extrovert personality, and non-introvert personality.

You may not be too familiar with the term personality type, because it is not very popular among the general public. Whereas based on research there are about 68% of the ambivert personality population worldwide and you may be one of them.

Then the question will surely arise, what exactly is an ambivert and what are the personality traits of an ambivert? Here I will guide you to know more about this ambivert personality type.

What is Ambivert?

Simply put, an ambivert personality is a combination of an extrovert and an introvert. This personality type has a balance between the traits that exist in extroverted and introverted personalities. So no wonder, this personality type is also known as extrovert-introvert.

The term ambivert itself was first coined in 1927 by an American social scientist, Kimball Young. However, it was Hans Eysenck, a German psychologist who popularized it, in 1947.

An extrovert-introvert can turn into an introvert and an extrovert, depending on their mood, environmental conditions, and goals. Therefore, it can be said that this ambivert is a flexible personality type. They can position themselves according to their environment.

Those with this personality tend to act like extroverts when socializing. However, when they are alone, they usually act like an introvert.

Signs You're an Ambivert

Well, now you know what the extrovert-introvert personality type is. But to find out if you have an ambivert personality or not, there are certain traits that you might notice in yourself.

You like meeting people, but you also need some alone time

Well, this is the most prominent difference in ambivert personalities, namely from the way they respond when they have to meet a lot of people. An introvert will usually avoid situations where they have to deal with a lot of people and an extrovert tends to like meeting a lot of people.

However, extroverts usually like to meet people, but sometimes they prefer to be alone. For example, when you are suddenly invited to hangout with friends. If you consider before accepting or rejecting the pros and cons of being in the crowd, it could be that you are an ambivert.

You are a listener but also like to talk a lot

An extrovert tends to be more talkative, whereas an introvert usually prefers to listen and observe. When combined, be an ambivert. If you like to listen but you also like to talk a lot, it means you have an ambivert personality. Because you know when to speak and when to be a good listener.

Some say you're quiet, but some say you're a chatty person

Have you ever heard talk about yourself contradicting yourself? For example, friend A says you are quiet, but friend B says you are the type of person who talks a lot.

If you ever feel that way, it really fixes your ambivert! This is because this ambivert personality can read and adapt to situations. They know when to be chatty and when to be quiet.

You like working alone but also like working in groups

There is one characteristic that you can be proud of if you are an extrovert-introvert, which is that you can work in a team and also work independently.

For example, if you get a project to make something, you don't have a problem that you want to do individually or as a team. Because you can do both well, either alone or with other people.

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So if you have some of the traits I listed above, chances are that you have an ambivert personality! However, understanding your own personality isn't as easy as you think, and there may be things you don't realize about your personality.

Lastly, that's it from me. Hopefully my article about the Signs You're an Ambivert can be useful for understanding yourself more deeply so you can experience Life in its entirety!

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