How to Understand, Plan, and Achieve Life Goals

How to Understand, Plan, and Achieve Life Goals
How to Understand, Plan, and Achieve Life Goals

The process of recognizing life's purpose is arguably one of life's greatest mysteries. In the process of planning, various "surprises" that you did not expect may come in your life.

There are times when the surprise is in line with your expectations, but not infrequently the other way around. Not infrequently this creates a dilemma for you, such as having to choose a path at a crossroads. Starting from the intersection around education, work, to the beliefs they have.

As a result of this dilemma, you may feel very tired while running your routine. From there, maybe you suddenly ask yourself, and say: What is the real purpose of my life so far that I have lived since the beginning? This will probably haunt you all the time in your mind, such as when working in the office or wherever you work. As a result, you become difficult to focus and interfere with your productivity at work!

If you ever think so, that's okay. Almost everyone has experienced a dilemma in determining the purpose of life. So, through the article I wrote on How to Understand, Plan, and Achieve Life Goals, I will try to describe what I went through to help you understand and plan for it too.

Understanding What is the Purpose of Life

The purpose of life itself is defined as a guide for oneself in living life. It is useful for guiding, forming goals, and finding meaning behind your life. In addition, it can help you in making various decisions in life, both small and large scale. Of course, the purpose of life can change with time and the experiences you go through.

Regarding this, each of you can be said to have different goals. For example, starting to want to be a happy person in life, having abundant wealth, so that it can be useful for many people. Of course there's nothing wrong with all of that, because it motivates you to move on!

How to Plan Good Life Goals

Once you know that you understand it, you may think, "Then how can I plan a good life goal?" Well, I will explain some of the things you need to do in planning life goals.

1. Decide What's Important in Life: You've probably heard this first point a lot, so it sounds a bit cliché. However, I'm sure there are still many of you who forget to do this one thing. One of them may be that you're so busy chasing things right in front of you that you forget what's really important in your life. Therefore, you can determine what you consider important so far. As a result, you can plan your life goals well!

2. Determine what your life principle is: Next, you can try to determine what your principles in life are. This principle is useful for you to deal with the various dynamics of life, as well as to plan your life goals. One of them is your guide when faced with a dilemma in life. That way, you can plan your life goals well through this principle!

3. Define Clearly: You can try to set clear life goals in planning it. One of them is knowing the goals you set. Because there is a common reason why people fail to achieve their life goals, namely the lack of clarity about the purpose for which they were created. Therefore, it is important for you to make clear life goals, to make it easier for you to plan good life goals!

4. Be Realistic in Creating Goals: There is nothing wrong with whatever life goals you set. Because as a human being, you have the right to determine for yourself what your purpose in life is. However, often your goals may be unrealistic, creating pressure to achieve them. Therefore, you can try to adjust your life goals to your current condition!

5. Create Goals to Achieve, Not Avoid: Often you may set goals to avoid something unwanted. Actually there is nothing wrong if you make such a goal, because it is your own choice. However, it would be better if you focus your life goals on achieving something, rather than avoiding it.

For example, you want to be a rich businessman one day. The reason is, you don't want to live hard when you get married later. Well, you could say you're avoiding something, namely you don't want to live a difficult life when you have a family. Therefore, you can try replacing your thoughts with, "I want to be rich so I can make my family happy in the future." That way, you will be more motivated in achieving your goals!

Something's Blocking Your Goal Planning

There are times when you may have planned your life goals in such a way. You may have prepared various things, maybe when you opened a business. However, you may also not be aware that there are things that can get in the way of your life goals.

1. You are still stuck in your past life: Often you may still not be able to accept what has happened. Whether it's about mistakes you've made, being abandoned by loved ones, to failure in something. It may continue to haunt you in your daily life. As a result, it becomes difficult for you to focus on planning your life goals!

2. You worry too much about what will happen in the future: This one obstacle may often be called overthinking, or thinking too much. Usually, it happens when you are faced with uncertainty about something, such as the future. As a result, this anxiety prevents you from planning your life goals, because you are afraid of things that haven't happened yet!

3. You're too busy commenting on other people's lives: Starting from the matter of romantic life, to other people's work. Actually it's only natural if you do, because your life must intersect with other people. However, it's certainly not good for you if you do it too often. You are so busy taking care of other people's lives that it prevents you from planning for the future!

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4. You depend too much on other people: As a social being, it's natural that you need other people. However, it becomes a bad thing if you rely too much on them. There are times when they may suddenly leave you, and you are not ready for it. Especially if you are too dependent on other people in your life. As a result, your life goals will fall apart because you are too dependent on others!

5. You are not specific in planning goals: In planning something, of course, a good strategy is needed to achieve it. Starting from small steps, to big steps that must be taken. Often a less clear strategy prevents you from planning your goals, such as being less motivated. As a result, the purpose of your life is just a discourse!

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