How to Survive the Pressures of Life

How to Survive the Pressures of Life
How to Survive the Pressures of Life

You may be preparing for work, or being chased by a pile of tasks, or preparing a presentation for a meeting, which is very important to your job.

I can imagine the fun. A beat that makes your chest feel tight, hands wet, or restless and makes you unable to stay still. When the pressure gets stronger, what can be done?

Here are some studies from the field of psychology on how to deal with stress in your life. You can also use it in your daily life.

Change your view of pressure

What is your view on life's difficulties? Some people see adversity as something to be avoided. If it could be avoided, then this type of person would avoid it as much as possible. This is called a negative mindset.

But there are also those who see difficulties and pressures as challenges. When this group encounters something difficult, they are actually challenged to solve it. This is a positive mindset.

A psychological study found that when people with a positive mindset have a challenging day, they can live it with enthusiasm, perform better, and are more enthusiastic at the end of the day. The opposite happens to people with a negative mindset. So, the first thing you need to change is your mindset towards challenges.

If you find yourself under pressure, for example going forward with a presentation, being a discussion leader, or being a committee chair, see it as an opportunity to be better.

Watch horror movies

Research shows that after watching a horror movie, our brain calms down. Our brains also undergo a process of recalibration alias adjustment to the situation.

This is because horror films provide a real and scary form that is “worth fearing”, making situations such as presentations or other stressful situations less important. Watching horror movies is fun. Like eating spicy food.

See the funny side of this challenge

Other research has found that seeing the funny side of a challenge, pressure, or problem will reduce stress a little at a time. But the cuteness isn't about laughing at yourself. Because humor that laughs at yourself actually slowly makes you more stressed.

Say nice things to yourself
Try to remember the advantages you have, then tell yourself about these advantages. A study says that being confident and believing in yourself can help reduce anxiety in dealing with stress.

In this study, the author mentions that people who are pessimistic and underestimate their own abilities actually fail. Confidence in one's abilities reduces anxiety about pressure, so the chances of failure are also reduced.

Let Time Prove Your Ability

Sometimes instead of thinking too much, it's better to let time prove what you already have. Because, according to research, someone who is under pressure will reveal who they really are.

Researchers in the journal found that when two people were asked to split a sum of money quickly, the selfish one appeared selfish, and the prosocial one appeared prosocial.

The same thing can happen in everyday life. For example, before the deadline. If you're ready, you better stay calm. The pressing time will reveal your true abilities.

And other studies suggest you should also get used to the pace and pressure of exams. You see, the more often people are required to make quick decisions, the better they will be at making decisions.

Request Support

Another way to deal with pressure is to ask for support from those closest to you. Research has found that texting those closest to you when you are facing a difficult task can make you feel stronger.

Reinforcement messages such as “you can do it” or “good luck” can lower blood pressure during task preparation and completion.

So, if you're feeling pressured by work or something else, ask for support from people you care about. That can help reduce pressure. But if for example the person you care about the most is no longer there, or is no longer contacted. Just imagine he or she is still near you, still smiling to see you, or sitting on the side to soothe you.

Other research has found that imagining the people closest to you has the same effect. Visualization has the same effect, because our body's reactions do not distinguish between imagination and reality.

Imagine You Have Succeeded

There are people who are crushed when the pressure catches up to them. On the other hand, there are also those who actually develop and accelerate when facing stressful situations.

Actually there are many factors that determine this; but one of them is this: those who manage to cope with stress because they already envision success. In essence, one way to relieve pressure is to imagine that you have succeeded.

One study asked participants to play a game. Participants are promised some money if they win. But there is an additional condition: They have to imagine that they have won this money, they just have to keep it.

Results? When the pressure is higher, they are actually more resistant to stress and their performance is stable. This imagination helps them not to fall under pressure.

Enter the "Flow" Zone

There was an extraordinary phenomenon that people at the highest levels often experienced. The name of this phenomenon is flow. Flow is a state where you are immersed in the excitement of an activity, until you forget the time and place. It's as if no one is paying attention to you, and the spotlight is only on you.

Athletes who thrive under pressure always feel this zone. In flow, they completely ignore everything, so only focus on one thing. Unfortunately, the only way to enter the flow zone is through years of practice. When a person has practiced something for years, his brain can only concentrate better on what he has practiced.

For example, a football player. The reason why soccer players can ignore photographers, thousands of pairs of eyes, and millions of viewers on TV is because they have been training since childhood. When it's time to play, it's easier to concentrate on the ball, even to the point of forgetting everything.

Well, that's some ways to deal with pressure my version. Which one do you want to try? Whatever you are pursuing at the moment, I wish you success!
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