How to Make Yourself Persist in Activities You Don't Like

How to Make Yourself Persist in Activities You Don't Like
How to Make Yourself Persist in Activities You Don't Like

Doing errands is not fun. You must have experienced stuck moments, when you daydream to see the cursor in Microsoft Word blinking for a dozen minutes.

You feel sleepy, which suddenly disappears when you double-click a file that could have made you happy. Doing work tasks you don't like, may not be your favorite activity. But somehow it had to be done, because it was an obligation.

But this obligation is not something you expect, so you put it off until close to the deadline. And this stresses you out even more, but you know you have to do something.

In psychology, taking action related to stress is called coping. In theory, there are two types of coping: approach and avoidance. Approach means you face the problem boldly. Avoiding means you are running away from trouble.

Which is a good action? Actually it depends. There are times where escaping is also important. If you are alone and constantly ganged up by bad people, you are unlikely to face them because you are not a spider man!

But, in terms of obligations, surely what is faced is the right. So how do you actually deal with a job or activity you don't like?

Don't dodge anymore

Embed this in your mindset. You cannot continue to avoid the obligations that lie before your eyes. You have to fulfill your obligations, because if you don't, there is a price to pay.

Constantly dodging only makes the problem worse, and when the problem gets too big, there's no happy ending. Then what if the case is like a task that makes you super stuck and have no ideas?

Remember! Clarity comes from action. Even if you are not very familiar with the material, just type what you know first. Those who still don't understand, look for information from around you. Sometimes we create problems ourselves, exaggerating small and simple reasons.

Find something that strengthens you

If you find yourself struggling and stuck doing something, find something that makes you feel better.

Listen to music, see photos of loved ones, drink coffee, take a shower, you name it! If you are in a good mood and body, you can engage in distracting activities.

Do the hardest first

Of the tasks you are willing to face, which is the most difficult? A study says that when you do the hardest ones first, and finish them, the rest will feel easy to do. You also feel more relieved, because you have been through the most difficult things.

Find the positive benefits of the task

Sometimes, what makes us lazy to work is because we have forgotten the benefits of this activity for us. We focus on the bad, so we forget the positive benefits behind the activity.

You need to remind yourself of the important and positive benefits behind the activity. So, you can rediscover your passion to complete it.

Control your negative emotions

Sometimes when you're dealing with a job you don't like, you get frustrated. This makes you sensitive and irritable.

If you allow anxiety and resentment to build up inside you, you will soon lose control. This puts you at risk of doing dangerous things. Whether it's slamming a laptop, deleting all files, scolding people, breaking glasses, etc.

So like I said before, prepare something that makes you strong. This is so that you are not consumed by negative emotions when doing activities that you don't like.

Talking to friends

Talking to friends doesn't solve the problem, but surely you have some anxiety about the task at hand. The purpose of venting here is not only to complain, but also to get support from your friends. So you realize that you are not alone.

Prepare the necessary equipment

To make it easier to deal with activities you don't like, you need to be prepared. For example, if I want to write something long and boring, I prepare the outline first. I made a line of thought from where to nowhere. I'm looking for a reference first. So, I'm better equipped to take action and get the job done.

If you are really stuck or in a bad mood, at least make an outline first. This outline will help guide the flow of your writing later. Usually when making an outline, writing ideas will come out more smoothly.

Break into small pieces

When the activity you are dealing with is a big activity, it will definitely feel lazy to do it. So you break this activity into smaller parts, with breaks as a separator.

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For example, from this hour to this hour what you are looking for, at this hour you will type, at this hour you will read the reference. So this big activity doesn't feel too big. Moreover, there is a break, so you are strong for long work.

Reward yourself if you succeed

When you successfully complete this tough task, reward yourself for succeeding. So, since you've successfully completed your assignment, do something fun. Buy chocolate, watch your favorite movie. Whatever you find fun. Take it as a reward because you've made it through another tough day.

Those are How to Make Yourself Persist in Activities You Don't Like!

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