How to make your life not feel regret all the time

How to make your life not feel regret all the time
How to make your life not feel regret all the time

When the day has hot air that feels more and more pushing fatigue into the mind. There are things that keep popping up, as if they don't want to make peace with the present.

What else if not regret from the decisions and attitudes that you used to live. All of that has indeed gone far, but for some reason still want to be preoccupied with the presence of repeated regrets.

How long do you want to live with regrets? Looking down, scavenging for mistakes that you should have turned into lessons. Let's raise our heads, rise from regret by seeing and permeating all these reasons. Don't let all your time go to regret and regret it!

If you imagine this or that in the past, it will only take you back in time. Then, what about your future?

Wheat has become bread, why do you want bread to be wheat again? Wouldn't it be better for you to give jam, complement and beautify it with new things so that it deserves to be enjoyed.

Like all things in the past, thinking about it now keeps bringing you back in time again and again. Meanwhile, in front of you, there is a future that awaits. The future that awaits is stepped on with all new things such as thoughts, hopes or dreams.

Regret keeps you stuck in the shadows of the same mistakes. Even though you should have gone forward to improve yourself with the provisions you have

Regret is necessary, because it will help you to improve. But that does not mean you continue to lament the regret. Instead of regretting it, it actually makes you trapped in the shadow of the same mistake.

Emphasize to yourself, right now you must move forward to improve yourself. Also remember to yourself, you should not be a donkey who always falls and is in the same hole. Regret should make you more alert and introspective.

Regret actually makes mistakes which are then difficult to metamorphose into new lessons and provisions for the next life

Once again you remind yourself. Stopping regret is not difficult. In fact, the deeper you sink into it, the harder it is for past mistakes to metamorphose into new lessons.

Meanwhile, to move forward, it is necessary to bring lessons as provisions. You are too young to fall into regret. Your future should still be long, and the provisions you have now will not run out until you actually arrive at your real life goal.

Your regrets are the same as reviving yourself, if this continues when will your spirit be able to rise again

Yes, you are guilty. However, your fault is not glass which if shattered into pieces cannot be repaired. It's been said many times, turn your mistakes into new lessons.

At that point, you will automatically stop blaming yourself. Because, if you continue to regret and blame yourself, when will your spirit be able to rise again? Shouldn't you have a strong spirit to look to the future?

Letting regret continue to live is the same as killing the hope you have

After restraining your steps, suppressing your spirit, now regret must still be allowed to kill the hope you have!

Truly, you will be at a great loss, if your hope is really to die. Your hope is the source of life, because without hope, you are just a lump of flesh that lives but lacks intuition. You will only continue to move on things that are not clear, just like that without any significant changes.

Regret will not reverse everything that has happened. Take mistakes as lessons, then leave regrets to look to the future again

Take a deep breath, close your eyes. Remember all the beautiful things that are around you right now. Isn't that more real than the things you regret? They are more real for you to enjoy, for you to hold and hug. It's not that the things you regret are just shadows, which can't be returned.

When you open your eyes, make sure the tiredness of regret is gone. And look, it's raining in the hot sun, isn't that a sign of a rainbow! Lift your chin and head, smile and face a regret-free tomorrow.
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