How to Communicate Smartly by Understanding the 4 Personality Types

How to Communicate Smartly by Understanding the 4 Personality Types

With a reassuring look on her face, my friend suddenly said something that amazed me with her almost completely correct guess. She said, I am the type of person who likes adventure and has a high level of tolerance for risk. In other words, I'm a brave type who tends to be careless if I'm not careful.

I am still amazed by what my friend said. This person is a psychic, in my heart I said. My guess is clearly wrong. With a big smile, my friend said she judged me based on 4 human personality types. After getting to know me the past few months, she suspects I have an optimistic personality.

These 4 personality types appear in the medical theory of Hippocrates, the Greek physician. Based on a person's temperament, humans like me and you are divided into sanguine, choleric, melancholic, and phlegmatic personalities.

According to my friend, these 4 personality types are no less popular. If you want to be like my friend who can guess people's personalities almost accurately, first read my explanation!

Another plus point, you can become good at communicating and understanding other people. For example, when you want to start a chat, it's not awkward or confused anymore.

This is a great way to communicate with sanguine types who are super bold, but easily get bored. Get their attention so they feel comfortable talking to you

The Sanguine type has a high adventurous spirit, so it's no wonder that this type likes to try new things that are challenging and risky. Unfortunately, this optimistic, easy-going, and cheerful type also gets bored easily. Therefore, they will continue to look for fun activities that excite them.

Well, if you look at their character, keeping the conversation interesting is a great way to communicate with the optimistic type. You can discuss the topic under discussion to spark this kind of curiosity. Then, you and them can brainstorm with each other. A broad-minded view will make this type feel comfortable in chatting. In addition, invite sanguine types to try new hobbies or activities together so that communication and relationships are maintained.

If you want to communicate with the choleric type, you better not mince words. Remember, this type likes deep chats

Unlike the sanguine type who tends to be relaxed and free-spirited, the choleric type is known to be analytical, logical, and practical. Therefore, this type is considered as an intelligent person with a brilliant mind and goal oriented. At first glance, this type is also not a friendly and approachable person. Especially with their characters who can be considered serious.

However, the choleric type will make for a pleasant chat with you as long as you know how to communicate. Since you don't like small, short conversations, you should build deep conversations with choleric. If the conversation is meaningless, this type prefers to be alone. So you have to rack your brains to find topics of conversation that trigger choleric-type logic.

It's best to avoid these things if you want to communicate for a long time with the phlegmatic type

In terms of maintaining relationships with the closest people, this phlegmatic type is an expert. These peace-loving people will treat those around them with love. And, its nature which tends to avoid confrontation makes this type try to mediate in order to maintain harmony.

Well, you have to know how to treat people who are soft-hearted phlegmatic types. Accept their kind of warm treatment with pleasure. If you can't accept their offer of help, be firm and honest. In addition, occasionally help them deal with conflicts so they don't keep running away from the tension they are experiencing. Avoiding conflict is sometimes not good for self-growth.

Melancholic type is the most conservative compared to other types. Try using this method so that communication can be good and durable

This type does not easily accept new values. People with the melancholic type hold fast to tradition. No wonder this type is called the most conservative. When faced with challenges or adventures, melancholic types also choose to avoid them.

Although conservative, this type likes to be involved in social activities. Known to have thoroughness and love details, this type also likes to carry out managerial or administrative activities.

Communicating with melancholic types can be very difficult if you try to force them to open up. Instead of controlling them, you should give the melancholy space to explore their comfort zone. This way, you can establish lasting communication. Because the melancholic type feels understood and appreciated.


Along with the development of science, research in the field of psychology continues to emerge to improve previous research. The same is true in the study of the human personality. After these 4 personality types, the latest research to classify and understand human personality continues to be done.

Even so, the four personality types can still be used as a popular way to guess personality. Some people may not fit these 4 personalities. However, not a few people feel this compatibility. Most importantly, don't make these 4 personality types the only 'tool' to understand people's personalities.

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