Getting to Know Eustress: Positive Stress That Can Cope With Bad Stress

Getting to Know Eustress Positive Stress That Can Cope With Bad Stress
Getting to Know Eustress Positive Stress That Can Cope With Bad Stress

I want to ask, which of you is currently feeling stressed? Or have any of you recently been told by those closest to you how stressed they are?

Some of us may think that stress is a bad thing. Apparently, this is not 100% true because there is stress that can actually have a positive impact on oneself, which is called eustress.

Well, if it's your first time hearing about eustress, this article is perfect for you to find out more about this type of positive stress. In this article, we will discuss what eustress really is, the positive effects of eustress and how to deal with this type of positive stress.

Definition of Eustress

Stress is actually like a spectrum that has two poles. There is a voltage on the negative pole (distress) and a voltage on the positive pole (eustress). Eustress, also known as positive stress, is the body's response to the enthusiasm of the challenges we face. Like other stressors, eustress also works by increasing the performance of the central nervous system and making us more alert.

This type of stress is necessary for us to continuously strive to develop. When we experience positive stress, we tend to be more productive, proactive, and motivated to achieve goals or get things done. Even when we are dealing with stress, having a source of our favorite things makes us respond with joy and excitement.

Eustress Positive Effect

Positive stress called eustress is a challenge for yourself to develop in these three aspects:

1.Emotional: Eustress can give positive feelings to oneself, such as feeling proud, satisfied, inspired and motivated. For example, when you gain the trust to be involved in a new project and are required to learn something new that interests you.

You will feel proud that you were selected, motivated to do it and will feel satisfied when you do it. In fact, it can have a positive impact on your performance and allow you to advance your career.

2. Psychological: Humans are creatures who have curiosity and the ability to learn. When you finally understand and do something you couldn't before, it can build the thought that you deserve to learn new things. So you will be more confident, 'durable' and quickly adapt to the environment.

3. Physical: Eustress, a positive stressor, can help shape the body through the desire to exercise and move often so that it can increase focus and reduce levels of distress, you know. You can also become healthier because you are protected from various types of diseases that arise due to stress, such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

How to Increase Eustress

1. Changing perspective when dealing with problems: Changing perspective allows you to do stress management. For example, when there are obstacles in completing a task, try to think of it as a challenge that can provide new lessons. The thought that it's a challenge you can overcome will increase your enthusiasm and lead to eustress.

2. Get out of the comfort zone: Eustress can arise from the results of our efforts to try to develop ourselves by getting out of the comfort zone. Try to learn new things or old things that you never do again. No need to jump right into the big stuff, at least trying 1% a day is already a step in your process. If you want to know more about how to get out of your comfort zone.

3. Try setting a target: Eustress will be very useful in the process of reaching the target. With a target in your life, you will feel more challenged and motivated to continue to grow. Then, when you hit your target, you will feel proud of yourself and become more optimistic.

4. Know your limits: By knowing your own abilities, you can set goals and get out of your comfort zone without having to push yourself. If you push yourself too much, later you will feel pressured and turn into trouble.

So, I hope after this you don't immediately put a bad label on the stress and problems you are facing. Because it could be that it will actually lead you to better things later.
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