Easy Ways to Increase Concentration, Even in Tired Conditions

Easy Ways to Increase Concentration, Even in Tired Conditions
Easy Ways to Increase Concentration, Even in Tired Conditions

Sometimes when you are at work and need a focused mind, but you are at an hour that makes you sleepy and that gives you trouble. Life is not as beautiful as our dreams, so we need to stay focused for a long time, even during sleepy hours. So what can we do to stay focused when we're sleepy?

Here's Easy Ways to Increase Concentration, Even in Tired Conditions.

Change the direction of your gaze

Loss of focus can happen because of our position from earlier. For example, you are in the office, so your position is like that. The only corner you see is the monitor and the table next to you. Because bored, your concentration will be lost. Try changing the new "scenery". For example, changing your seat or rearranging your workplace.

When there is a new “scenery”, your brain wakes up because it has to adapt to this new place. Your concentration will appear again. Likewise with meetings. If you're in a long meeting, try changing seats with another meeting participant, so you don't fall asleep. If possible, move closest to the person who talks the most.

What if you can't move? For example, you type. Try changing the font color every 10 minutes. For example, a font that should be black, you change it to navy yellow, or turquoise red, etc. So, if you're bored, try doing a little variety to "wake up" again.

Switch To Another Activity

Sometimes when we can't concentrate, we leave our computer running in front of our faces but our minds turn to other things. Our eyes are on the screen, but your mind is on the past with your ex, maybe.

So, so that our brains do not deviate, try switching to other activities. For example, you are working on an assignment but have no ideas. Instead of daydreaming, use the "blank" of the brain to hunt for additional references.

If your brain is no longer focused on the reference, try making an outline. If you can't focus on the outline, try creating a presentation slide design.

You have to move to another activity to stay focused. So even if you can't focus, your work goes on. But don't switch to activities that aren't work-related. Instead of working, you stalk your ex's account! So it's not even productive.

Write down what's bothering you on a piece of paper

Psychologically, one of the things that makes it difficult for us to concentrate is because there are unfinished problems. It may be problems with your lover, with your friends, or financial problems.

So that you can relieve your anxiety, you try to write the problem down on a piece of paper. Also write down what's bothering you on paper. It may not solve your problem, but it's good enough to get it out of your mind. How to write on a piece of paper is also effective for managing emotions!

If you're not strong enough, just daydream for a while

If you can't concentrate, you can take a 10 minute break. For example, you are constantly working but constantly daydreaming. Instead of being forced and your concentration messed up, it's okay for you to just daydream for a moment.

So please take off your notebook, please stay away from your laptop. Look outside and daydream for a while. If our brain is brought into concentration, it can become too tense. So let's stretch our brains by daydreaming, and let's take a break.

If you listen to a song, then listen to only one song

This method in addition to maintaining work concentration, is also suitable for maintaining your concentration during activities. If you like listening to songs while you work, try listening to just one song. Choose a song that fits your mood, and listen to it over and over again.

There is no specific research on this, but this trick is used by some successful people when they are working. By listening to just one song, your brain doesn't have to adjust to a different song every few minutes. In fact, you'll forget when you're playing a song. So it reduces distractions, and your concentration of work lasts longer.

Drinking Coffee Keeps Concentration Too

For me, coffee is the most effective ultimate weapon. Coffee can help you stay focused. Even caffeine can make you feel happy. Well, even though coffee can make your heart flutter. But as long as the dosage is right, it's okay to drink coffee. If you don't like coffee, apples also provide similar benefits.

Exercising Can Also Help Improve Your Concentration and Memory

The suggestions above do have a short-term impact, but sooner or later you can't keep relying on the methods above. You also need to provide "maintenance" to the brain. How to do maintenance on the brain?

One of them is that you can exercise regularly, such as jogging, yoga, or whatever you want, the important thing is that it can make your body move.

Exercise increases endorphins, allowing you to focus longer. In addition to increasing concentration, your memory will also be helped. You are happier too. Your stamina will also last longer. So it's good to be able to concentrate.

Make sure the brain nutrition is always sufficient

One way to stay focused is to make sure your brain is getting enough nutrition. If you are lazy to google nutrition for brain, just try something easy like:

Don't eat until you're full: Turning food into energy also requires energy. So, when we finished eating, we fell asleep. The problem is, if you are full, your energy will be focused on processing food.

Breakfast: though only biscuits, or cereal drinks. But the taste of biscuits lasts longer than cereal drinks.

Meditation Trains Concentration and Maintains Calm

We live in the information age, the information we receive in a month is more than the information 18th century humans received during their lifetime. With the onslaught of social media statuses, photos, videos, how can we stay focused?

The answer is simple, namely by doing meditation. Meditation doesn't have to be complicated, for example, deep and long breathing also includes meditation. Meditation is often associated with philosophy and religion. But, actually the essence of meditation is to calm yourself and get away from the hustle and bustle of the world.

Reduce Multitasking so Your Concentration Doesn't Go Anywhere

One of the things that makes it difficult for us to concentrate is the many programs and screens that are open in front of us. If you work in front of a laptop, but the phone screen is on. You type, but other browsers and programs also open. You're looking for material to work on an assignment, but you're also opening tabs of social media and unimportant news. That's called multitasking. which is multitasking is not good for your brain.

In fact, our brains cannot jump focus from one topic to another. For example, while at work, reply to a message briefly. While working, while checking social media. Our brains need time to totally focus on one thing. So, to maximize your concentration, reduce the number of screens and programs that are open in front of you.

I myself when I was in front of the laptop, as much as possible away from the phone. Sometimes I turn off the internet. Tabs in the browser a maximum of three. If you can't read it, it's better to close it.

Make sure your water needs are met, so you can stay focused

One of the causes of difficulty concentrating is dehydration. This lack of fluids leads to low energy, headaches, hormonal imbalances, and fatigue. So, so that you can still concentrate, make sure your water needs are met.

The average water requirement for men is around three liters per day, while women need about two liters per day. Actually, it doesn't have to be from plain water, because our fluid needs can also be supplied from fruits and vegetables.

Make Sure Your Sleep Needs Are Fulfilled

A study says that: our ability to concentrate, is also related to the quality of our sleep. Without proper brain recovery time, it becomes difficult for us to maintain concentration.

So make sure you get enough sleep. With enough sleep, your brain gets the right amount of rest, and can be used to concentrate properly. The right sleep time is 8 hours. But it's not 8 hours all the time; can also be divided into six hours at night, the remaining two hours for naps.

Reduce Consumption of Sugar and other Sweets

Our brains are addicted to sugar and processed foods. In fact, sugar addiction in the world is one of the invisible addictions. In fact, our daily sugar requirement is 36 grams. But modern human sugar consumption actually reaches 95 grams!

Sugar itself is a simple carbohydrate that when consumed will stimulate endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are good, but a side effect of sugar is that we want more and more.

If we have consumed sugar, then we will feel what is called a "sugar crash". This sugar crash is a feeling of tiredness, laziness, and discomfort, because the endorphins that sugar produces are depleted. By default, I want to find something sweet again. That's why we subconsciously store sweet snacks in the drawer, or buy sugary drinks during breaks.

Another impact of a sugar crash is that it becomes difficult to concentrate. So, so that your concentration lasts a long time, make sure your sugar consumption remains under control and reduce sugary drinks or sweet snacks.

Stretching Can Help Improve Concentration

If you've been sitting still for a long time, try some stretching. You can stand up and stretch your arms, or pull your arms back slightly.

If you are a leader, you can invite your colleagues to stand for a moment and stretch together. In addition to increasing concentration, if done together, stretching can be a means of joking.

That's my writing about Easy Ways to Increase Concentration, Even in Tired Conditions. You don't have to do everything, just choose the one that is most comfortable for you.

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