Don't waste your life hating people for too long

Don't waste your life hating people for too long
Don't waste your life hating people for too long

In living the twists and turns of life, we cannot be separated from emotions. Of the many emotions that exist, some of them will give birth to feelings such as hatred and revenge. Whether it starts from trivial events, to things that are indeed felt so painful that they can affect a person's life. It's not wrong, after all, feelings are something that should exist in human existence.

Therefore, it is not surprising that people or even ourselves sometimes hate to hold a grudge against something in a short time. Consciously or not, it turns out that holding hatred and grudges for a long time is like swallowing a time bomb that can explode at any time.

It's true, hate and revenge are human, it's a natural response that will arise when faced with something. You deserve to feel that way

Actually, there is nothing forbidding to harbor hatred towards others, or even to the stage of revenge. You could say these two things are natural responses that will arise in a person when faced with something that makes them uncomfortable in various ways. Whether it's a matter of friendship, family, love, or maybe it could be other trivial issues that eventually lead to death. After all, the acceptance of everything for each individual is different.

That is, hatred and revenge are rights. You can feel that way if you really need to. Remember, indeed not all of these things can be responded well because there are times when we have to act otherwise.

But you also need to remember one more thing, that the people you hate in their life take it easy. While you continue to be surrounded by anger. Are you not tired?

While nothing is stopping you from having feelings of anger, hatred, and resentment, you also need to remember that holding these feelings in for a long time is not a good thing. Maybe you believe that not forgiving others can make your life feel calmer and better. But just try it, practice for a long time will be different.

People you hate, their lives will still be fine because they are indifferent to what you do. It's like, you want to be head over heels, no matter what, they just won't care. Meanwhile your life will continue to be tired because day after day you are spent hating and surrounded by negative emotions. The thing called hate is also exhausting, and it's very tiring!

Hate as necessary, forgive everything profusely. The thing called forgiveness doesn't always have to be one again

All choices come back to each of us. If you can't forgive, then allow yourself to sink into your emotions, that's okay. But if you can forgive, then immediately make a wise decision. If it seems difficult it is, but trust that it will lead to good things.

If you are forced to be unable to forgive completely, you can try to forgive them slowly. That's called forgiveness, it doesn't always have to be one again like it used to be. If you've just been able to forgive but haven't been able to meet your past, that's okay. Those are two different things. But remember, forgiving and being able to return everything to the way it was before means that you have given up on the existing mistakes. Even though it is heavy, but rest assured there are things that reconcile in it that you will meet.
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