About Night Eating Syndrome: Midnight Eating Disorder

About Night Eating Syndrome: Midnight Eating Disorder
About Night Eating Syndrome: Midnight Eating Disorder

Eating is a daily activity that we do, even an obligation that must be done so that we stay fit and the nutrients in our bodies are maintained.

Even so, for some people, it turns out that eating is a hobby that they really enjoy, especially if they can eat the food they really like. Usually people who have a hobby of eating will really like to do eating shows, which is to eat a lot of food with a fairly large portion.

However, people's eating habits are different. There are also people who prefer to eat in small portions or sometimes referred to as snacking.

Usually they do this snack activity to accompany them when doing something, such as when doing assignments, reading books, watching movies or other work.

Not infrequently we meet people who will usually snack or eat a lot at night even until midnight, either because they are hungry or just because they want to.

Although it looks normal, actually eating late at night is not a good thing. A person who likes to eat a lot at night tends to experience a condition called Night Eating Syndrome.

You must be starting to wonder what exactly is Night Eating Syndrome? Is it just because of the habit of eating late at night? And how to avoid the habit of eating late at night to avoid Night Eating Syndrome?

Here I will explain to you what exactly is Night Eating Syndrome so that you understand more about this late night eating disorder.

What is Night Eating Syndrome?

In general, Night Eating Syndrome or late night eating disorder is a disorder in which a person experiences a condition of overeating in the middle of the night.

In contrast to Binge Eating Disorder, which is a disorder of overeating with large portions at once, people with Night Eating Syndrome tend to eat smaller portions.

But in this Night Eating Syndrome disorder, usually they will eat many times at night. This is because they believe that it will help them sleep better.

People with this condition cannot control their eating patterns at night, because they only feel hungry at certain times. Not even infrequently, they will wake up hungry.

The most common symptom of someone with Night Eating Syndrome is eating a lot in the middle of the night, roughly from 10pm to 6am.

In addition, they also usually do not feel hungry from morning to evening. This is because their appetite only starts to heat up at night.

Those who experience symptoms of this late night eating disorder also often have trouble sleeping, which makes them stressed and tends to eat constantly.

Then, does the habit of eating a lot or snacking at night mean that someone must have Night Eating Syndrome? The answer is no!

Although at first glance the habit of eating a lot in the middle of the night is quite common in many people, that does not mean they have Night Eating Syndrome.

Specific diagnosis must be made by an expert by looking at certain symptoms that indicate a person really has this disorder.

Tips for Stopping the Habit of Eating Midnight

1. Create a regular eating schedule: One of the things that makes us have the habit of eating a lot late at night is a healthy eating pattern that is less regular, where we eat as we please regardless of time and need. of our own body.

Therefore, the first step you should take is to make a regular eating schedule. You can start by setting a time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Eating on a regular schedule will help you control your appetite, thereby reducing your appetite at night. In addition, the last diet is also good for keeping blood sugar and weight stable.

2. Practice mindful eating: In simple terms, mindful eating is the activity of mindful eating. We give our full attention as we eat. By practicing mindful eating, you will not be easily tempted to eat continuously at night.

This is because you will definitely make sure beforehand whether you are really hungry or just wanting. You will be more helpful because mindful eating can control the habit of eating a lot in the middle of the night.

3. Choose a menu of foods that are high in protein: Foods with high protein can help reduce hunger, you know. So no wonder, those who are on a diet will definitely choose foods like this. High protein foods will make you feel full longer, so you will reduce the desire to eat a lot in the middle of the night.

You can choose and process high protein foods as you wish so that they can still be enjoyed, and don't forget to adjust it to your body's needs!
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