About Earthing Therapy and Its Benefits for Coping With Stress

About Earthing Therapy and Its Benefits for Coping With Stress
About Earthing Therapy and Its Benefits for Coping With Stress

Have you ever pondered that problems in life always come and go? It's not even uncommon because of so many problems, there are many people who feel stressed. Especially in the midst of a pandemic that is not over yet. There are so many things that can trigger so many people are confused about how to deal with stress? Have you ever felt stressed too? Or maybe you are currently experiencing stress?

Now I want to discuss one type of therapy that you may not be very familiar with. Have you ever heard the term Earthing? Basically, Earthing is a therapeutic method that has many benefits, including dealing with stress. You have to remember that stress is not trivial. If it occurs continuously and is left without proper treatment, it can have a negative impact on mental and physical health.

What is Earthing Therapy?

Have you ever thought that human life is getting more modern? Everything has become so sophisticated that doing a job feels easier and faster. For example, covering a distance of tens of kilometers with the help of a motorized vehicle or conducting long-distance meetings with sophisticated communication tools.

However, this modern life unconsciously makes us less and less in contact with the earth. We are getting busier so we feel we don't have much time to exercise, let alone do something that touches or is in direct contact with the earth's surface.

In fact, there are many benefits that we can get from being in contact with the earth's surface. This method of contact with the earth's surface is called Earthing therapy. Earth's surface has a negative charge called electrons.

The purpose of earthing therapy is to absorb millions of electrons from the earth's surface so that these electrons enter the human body. One example of the role of the earth's surface electrons is to remove toxins from the body.

Benefits of Earthing for Mental Health

1. Overcoming Stress The brain has a part called the adrenal gland. When the body feels stressed, this gland will produce the stress hormone cortisol. Well, cortisol will be released into the bloodstream, causing an increase in heart rate and blood pressure.

Well, the benefit of Earthing is to normalize levels of the hormone cortisol to deal with stress. As the hormone cortisol returns to normal levels, the various systems in our body return to balance.

2. Improves Mood: Stress hormones also affect mood, persistently high levels of the hormone cortisol can lower levels of the happy hormone called serotonin. Therefore, when a person is stressed, his mood is unstable.

3. Improve Sleep Quality: Sleep quality is closely related to mood and stress. High and repetitive stress levels can reduce sleep duration. As a result, the quality of sleep becomes poor, memory is disturbed, and the mood becomes irregular (mood changes continuously). On the other hand, lack of sleep can also be a trigger for the stress hormone or cortisol. When cortisol levels exceed normal limits, sleep quality will decline.

How to Do Earthing Therapy

1. Walk barefoot: You can walk barefoot on dirt, sand, grass, even mud. The skin of the feet in contact with the earth's surface will absorb the energy stored on the earth's surface.

If you can't do it at home, you can choose a park or even an urban forest as a place for grounding therapy. However, make sure the location is indeed allowed to be stepped on.

2. Bathing or Swimming: Swimming can also be an option, here. In addition to swimming, this grounding therapy can also be done by soaking in unspoiled beaches, rivers, lakes, or ponds. But, be careful when doing it. Make sure the location you choose is safe and does not endanger lives.

3. Lying down: Lying on the ground can also be a way of dealing with stress. In addition to soil, you can also do Earthing therapy on grass or sand. It would be better if you do it in the morning to get some morning sun.

4. Using tools: You may feel so busy that you don't have time to do Earthing therapy. Or maybe it's the rainy season so you can't leave the house.

Don't worry because you can do Earthing therapy indoors using Earthing therapy equipment such as socks, blankets, or carpets. In fact, patch-like stickers are designed for Earthing therapy. All you have to do is connect it to the nearest power source.

Well, those are some ways to do Earthing therapy that you can try. However, make sure to choose a clean and safe place, yes. It doesn't take up to 1 hour, just 15 minutes of Earthing therapy is enough. Everyone has the right to live happily. So, never get tired of loving yourself by not underestimating stress.
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