How to be someone who has an optimistic personality

How to be someone who has an optimistic personality

How to be someone who has an optimistic personality. We all must have faced difficult days. The days where we experience events in life that are far from expectations. Or maybe we look to the future and dreams that are difficult to realize.

And finally we get restless, we give up, and we give up. But we don't need to worry, because this is part of life, part of life's scenario that is full of ups and downs.

However, the way you act, think and decide things during these difficult times will make a huge difference. If you look at it with optimism, then no matter how difficult the challenges that come you will be strong to face them, finally you are able to solve them.

But if you face it with pessimism, it will be easy for you to give up and back away from reality, in the end it is not life's difficulties that can be overcome, but problems and pressures that continue to accumulate and become a heavy burden on you.

Optimistic people always look for the best in any situation and expect good things to happen. Optimists tend to believe and hope that things will change for the better. Even if something bad happens, an optimistic person can see a lesson from it.

Being an optimist doesn't mean expecting things to happen automatically. But being optimistic means hoping for the best, believing that the best will happen, but at the same time trying your hardest to pursue it until something good happens.

How to be someone who has an optimistic personality

Being optimistic does not mean not caring about reality, not caring about difficulties and challenges. But being optimistic is hoping that every event in the future goes according to expectations, looking to the future with a smile and enthusiasm.

So it doesn't mean we have to be 100% sure of something good in the future, but we have to look positively at every event that will happen in the future, besides that we have to be ready if bad things happen.

Optimism is very important, it keeps you enthusiastic and energetic, pursuing what you want with ambition, confidence and happiness.

Finally you can focus on your vision, and make your days happy. So on this occasion I will share with readers about How to be someone who has an optimistic personality:

Be Grateful

Appreciate your current moment by being grateful for what we have, realizing the gifts that are around us, being able to feel what we can see, being able to see what we feel, we will easily get something good, we will also be more optimistic in our lives. to live.

Because where we are today is a gift that we should be grateful for. When we see half a glass of water, what do we say, half full or half empty? An optimist will say that the glass is half full, but a pessimist will say that the glass is half empty.

So try asking yourself: What was good today? What is the wisdom today? Try not to harp on what you don't have however be appreciative for what you do have. With gratitude every day and you will feel more optimistic about every situation in your life.

Count every gift you receive. Every day every hour, focus on the good things in your life, no matter how small the good things are, the longer the small good things will frame the bigger good things and get rid of negative thoughts.

Don't look for fun

Something is wrong with most of the human psyche today. Most humans insist on seeking pleasure in life. Pleasure is defined as having great wealth, a beautiful or handsome wife or husband, being liked and popular, having influence and followers, or having access to everything on this earth.

Despite what happened, there wasn't a single person whose level of fun was higher than the level of difficulty. No matter how luxurious a person's lifestyle is, he will definitely feel trouble in his mind, and no matter how difficult a person's life is, he must also experience pleasure. Everything feels balanced, that's how our brains work.

So to be an optimist, don't look for fun, because by looking for fun we will be easily pessimistic. What we need to look for is self-development, building a better person, or increasing our contribution to the progress of human civilization.

Thus we will not be afraid if difficulties befall us, we remain optimistic because pleasure and difficulty are the same level, the higher the level of our distress, the higher the level of pleasure. This is the opposite.

Focus with small steps

An optimist does not say this is impossible, but he says how to make it happen, what steps must be taken to make it happen, what things must be met for this to happen.

Optimists focus on the step as opposed to the chaos in the mind. They focus on what they can do about their situation. So don't ask yourself about failure or why something bad happened, stay optimistic, pay attention to something good, that makes you excited and never give up.

Start small, start today. If you crave big things, then break those big things into small pieces, run each part, so your pessimistic spirit will disappear, if pessimism is gone you will continue to be excited until your big dreams come true.

Learn to face fear and worry

What is the difference between optimist and pessimist? An optimist is able to face their fears, they are able to get rid of negative thoughts, they are able to withstand every pressure and friction, finally they become strong and resilient individuals.

On the other hand, pessimistic people are controlled by fear and worry, controlled by negative thoughts, unable to deal with pressure and friction, eventually becoming weak and helpless people.

Optimistic people also sometimes emerge from difficult places, they are forged by the environment, they are forged by problems, they are also forged by various frictions and pressures so that they are able to become strong individuals. they are also able to deal with fear and worry.

So to overcome fear and worry you can start by forging yourself. The trick is to accept all the friction and pressures of life, even if no one has to look for them. Move, because in every movement there is friction, and with that friction you are trained.

Be prepared to face the bad, hope for the good

Build a balanced optimistic attitude, never believe that bad things will never happen. But combining hope for the good and the bad. The trick is to be prepared for bad things, and on the one hand always hope for good things.

That is true optimism. By instilling this concept, good expectations will reduce the chances of bad things happening. Continue to build defenses and prepare yourself thoroughly, then hang hopes for a better future as high as the sky. Thus you will become a strong optimist.


Here are about How to be someone who has an optimistic personality . Keep the spirit, never give up, and continue to muster the peak ability to become a tough, successful, and tough person in facing life.
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