About the Meaning and Nature of Success

About the Meaning and Nature of Success

About the Meaning and Nature of Success. Success is an abstract term and everyone may have a different definition of success. Determining a universal definition of success is not easy because each individual has their own perspective.

But this difference in definition is not a serious problem, the problem is that those who pursue success but do not understand the essence of the success they are pursuing. Instead of the success he achieved, he was confused about which way to go.

About the Meaning and Nature of Success

So in the following I have summarized several different definitions from different personal groups of what success means:

Success is when you succeed in achieving your goals in life

There is a group that says that success is when you achieve your goals in life. Success is a form of achieving goals and missions in life.

For example, when a person has a mission to complete his master's degree in one year, if he succeeds in making it happen then he has succeeded.

Or when there is someone who has a target to have an income of 100,000 USD/month, if he manages to exceed that income target then he has succeeded.

And when there are employees who plan to come to the office 45 minutes before work hours start, when they succeed in making it happen, it means they have succeeded.

One must work hard and have high self-confidence to be able to realize a dream. Being successful at what is targeted can also help increase self-motivation.

When a person is successful in realizing one goal, he tends to be more successful at other goals. This is because they feel that their hard work is paying off and their efforts are worth it.

So if you refer to this definition, success is not limited to certain times, every day a person can feel success when the plans and targets on that day are successfully realized. The achievement of even small things can be said to be successful if it refers to this definition.

Success is a Balance of All Aspects in Life

There is also a group of people who define success when they are able to create maximum balance between all aspects of their lives.

We need to know that everyone has the most important aspects in life, among the important aspects in life are personal, family, friendship, community, humanity, environment, and work. If you only succeed in one aspect but fail to balance other aspects, then you have not succeeded.

Have you ever met a rich person and then you said success? Is there a celebrity who is at the peak of his popularity and then you say successful? Or there is an international Olympic gold medalist and then you say he has been successful?

If you refer to the definition of success at this point, it is not necessarily that these people have achieved true success. If they fail to balance their lives, for example, fail in family and friendship, then it cannot be said to be successful.

So, if you refer to this definition, then success is when a person is able to build a balance in life.

Success is being the best of the best

Another definition of success is to be the best in a certain field. This definition of success is usually owned by people who often follow competitions, athletes, sportsmen, and people who like to compete.

In competition and competition, the goal is not only to do the best, but to be the best and be the first is the main goal.

Usually, if someone refers to this definition, he or she will be very prone to disappointment. This happens because when he insists on being a champion, his chances of winning are very small. Moreover, if the competitors reach 1000 people, the chances of winning are around 0.1 percent. So the chances of being disappointed are very high.

Success is something that creates jealousy

Another definition of success is that success can make others envious. For example, if there are two people working in the same field, both are experts in that field.

If the second person is better than the first person, then it is very likely that the first person will envy the second person. This means that success can make others feel bitter, competitors are not happy with their rivals' achievements, but on the contrary, they feel jealous and try to do better than their rivals.

In this case, keep in mind that if success is something to be jealous of, then people who are jealous of success are those who justify success. And best of all, these envious people will see success as motivation and fuel to achieve their goals.

This is justified because competing in the good is a must. But if envy causes envy, then it is not those who are successful who are at fault, but those who suffer from this emotional illness.

Success is Praise and Appreciation

Success is usually defined as a package with rewards. If someone we know is successful in what he or she is trying to do, we will definitely congratulate them.

This will make them feel good and be a stimulus for them to go further. While failure is synonymous with ridicule and criticism. But I think this definition is not quite right. Because flattery and ridicule have an essence that has nothing to do with success.

I will go into detail about praise and criticism in a special article. But I do not limit if the reader feels more suited to this definition. because in reality, successful people tend to get a greater proportion of praise and appreciation than criticism and ridicule.


Those are About the Meaning and Nature of Success that are developing in today's society. In my personal opinion, definitions number one and two are the most suitable definitions to describe success.

The number one definition allows everyone to be successful in the path they choose, and the second definition will make a person strive to establish balance in life.

But that does not mean that other definitions of success are wrong, all the definitions that the author describes have their respective truths. The most important thing is that we must know the meaning of success first before trying to achieve it.

By understanding the meaning of success, the chances of succeeding in achieving success are even greater. So define success before you chase it.

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