How to Clean the Lungs Quickly, Naturally and Safely

How to Clean the Lungs Quickly, Naturally and Safely

How to Clean the Lungs Quickly, Naturally and Safely. The lungs are one of the important organs that are very vital for the body as a means of breathing. The lungs have two parts, namely the left and right.

Inside there are alveoli, which are small branches with the function of binding oxygen to be stored and transmitted throughout the body through the circulation of red blood cells driven by the heart.

For people who have a smoking habit, it may be highly recommended to clean their lungs. The goal is to destroy chemicals from cigarettes that accumulate in the lungs to become spots.

If you often cough that won't go away, even bleed, get tired easily, sweat at night, lack of appetite are signs of spots in the lungs. This indicates that your lungs are dirty and must be cleaned immediately.

In addition, this lung disease is easily transmitted through the air which is channeled when the sufferer coughs, sneezes, yawns, and so on. These lung spots are very easy to contract, especially in people with weak immune systems, such as people with AIDS, diabetes, chemotherapy, the elderly, and children.

How to Clean the Lungs Quickly, Naturally and Safely You Can Do

It's time for you to clean your lungs so you can live a healthy life and not get sick easily. Here's How to Clean the Lungs Quickly, Naturally and Safely:

Consuming Foods That Contain Antioxidants

Foods and drinks that contain antioxidants are foods that can nourish your lungs. One of the foods that contain antioxidants is apples.

Research says that people who eat five apples a week can improve lung performance. In addition to apples, there are also foods that contain other antioxidants such as cabbage, broccoli, bean sprouts, and other vegetables. These vegetables contain isothiocyanate type antioxidants that can reduce the risk of lung cancer.

Avoiding Coffee and Milk

Coffee is a drink that contains caffeine which tends to cause spots on the lungs. Likewise with milk where there is sugar that can accumulate in the body.

If you feel something is wrong with your lungs, you should avoid drinking coffee and milk for 2 to 3 days. Not only spots on the lungs, avoiding coffee and milk can also eliminate toxins in the body. Because that way, we often drink mineral water which is better than coffee or milk.

Soybean Consumption

Foods made from soy can also be beneficial for lung health. So the natural way and without side effects to clean the lungs is to consume soy-based foods.

If we consume foods made from soybeans regularly even every day, then we can improve the performance of our lungs, where the lungs become stable.

In addition to stabilizing, we can also reduce the risk of shortness of breath in someone. Soybeans are seeds that contain flavonoids that function as anti-inflammatory. So, if we want to protect the lungs, then we can prevent it by eating soy-based foods.

Drink Green Tea

Natural tea is green tea that we can drink at night or before going to bed. Because, when we sleep, the content in green tea will work to clean the spots on the lungs until clean.

In addition to cleaning the lungs, green tea is believed to be a natural drink that can remove toxins in the body and can also remove dirt in the intestines. So, the digestive system in our body can work smoothly.

Drink Lime

Lime is not only efficacious for beauty, but also can clean dirty substances in the lungs. Even the content in lime can clear nicotine in the lungs up to 70%. We can also consume lime to eliminate our smoking habit.

Pineapple juice

The next way to clean the lungs quickly, naturally and safely is to try breakfast every morning accompanied by pineapple juice. Because pineapple also contains antioxidants that can clean the chemicals in our lungs.

Drink ginger

Ginger is a spice that has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. The benefits of ginger can help the bronchial tubes which can reduce harmful chemicals in the lungs.

So, for those of you who are heavy smokers and want to clean your lungs, you can try it by consuming ginger as your regular drink every afternoon or evening.

Drink Carrot Juice

The next way to clean the lungs quickly and naturally without these side effects is to make a carrot juice drink. We can consume it every day. Keep in mind that carrots are not only for clearing spots on the lungs, but can also help the blood to become alkaline.

Well, those are some ways How to Clean the Lungs Quickly, Naturally and Safely without side effects. You can try it by making the ingredients at home.

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