Here are some female characters who like children

Here are some female characters who like children

Here are some female characters who like children. Children are humans in their infancy, so don't be surprised if their behavior is often annoying, happy, and so on. Now there is an assumption, if a woman who likes small children has a high maternal nature, and that makes many men attracted to her.
So what kind of motherly attitude is meant? Of course, if you have a question like this, you will be confused to answer it.

Here are some female characters who love children that you should know

Well, the following will discuss Here are some female characters who like children that you can understand later.


Indeed, basically everyone is equipped with a loving nature, because it is a human thing. Likewise with the female character who loves children, which of course has a loving attitude, and may be bigger than people in general.

Usually women who like children have a warm soul, so it is not surprising that they make those around them feel comfortable with their existence. Usually these women tend to have a protective attitude, shelter, and even mediate in case of problems.

Have High Sympathy

The next character is that these women are equipped with a fairly high sense of sympathy. For women who like small children, they usually look very happy when they are entrusted with them or with children, be it with their own nephews or neighbors they know.

As we know, if taking care of small children is not an easy thing to do, but these women do not find it difficult to do it. Maybe it's because they have genuine feelings that they can make all these activities with the kids fun for them.

Have a sensitive soul and heart

Surely you quite often see small children who are learning to speak haltingly, but can be understood by certain people. Now they are someone who really likes children, although the words of these children are sometimes difficult to understand, but the body language of this child is easy for him to understand.

Remarkably, the character of this child-loving woman has been equipped with a sensitive soul and has a fairly high level of sensitivity. Where these women can recognize or understand something that is not visible in real terms.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this woman who likes small children can really understand her partner's feelings.

Smiling and cheerful personality

Small children are symbols of happiness and about fun things, because these little children are still like blank canvases that must be filled with various colors, and this cheerful color is the right choice so that later children can grow and develop optimally.

Well, whether we realize it or not, those who like small children sometimes have the same attitude or personality. Where they can bring a positive aura every time there is an event, they are not stingy in smiling and not easily depressed, so it is very pleasant to be around them.

Keeping Feelings Is Not Her Hobby

Women who like children must be accustomed to dealing with the behavior of children who are innocent and unpleasant, so it is not surprising that a woman who likes children is a forgiving person.

These women do not like to be disturbed and even hold grudges in their hearts. They prefer to express their anger when upset, but take it easy because it will not drag on, because they are forgiving individuals.

Things like this must be guarded, because not all women can do things like that especially to their partners.

Proficient in Problem Solving

Those who like small children are known to be very good at solving problems. This of course has something to do with their habits of interacting with young children, where they can learn a lot about how to deal with various problems that exist without emotion, because it is impossible to express emotions in front of small children, right?

As a result, with this habit, they have a calm attitude so they can deal with the problems that exist wisely. Of course this is a plus for women, because her calm personality makes every problem that exists can be resolved peacefully.

There are many ways to resolve the problem properly and correctly, which does not harm one party so that it can provide a win-to-win solution for both. Especially when it comes to love, which must be maintained properly so that the love relationship remains lasting.

Persevere and Patience

The character of women who love children in the future is that they are diligent and patient individuals. Maybe you can see an easy example of a play group school, of course it's a rare thing if there are men who become teachers, and generally women who become teachers.

Of course, one of the reasons is because these women have a more diligent and patient attitude in dealing with the behavior of children. Of course this is not an easy thing, but in fact until now there are still playgroup schools with female teachers, even campuses with these majors also have quite a lot of enthusiasts.


Dealing with small children is not easy, especially if you are a stranger to them. Of course, this feeling of rejection from a small child is also a common thing, whether due to fear or other reasons, which we must understand.

However, this child-loving woman always has ways to attract children's attention to interact with her, one of which is by giving 'jokes' that make them feel comfortable and safe. By making children laugh, it will definitely make it easier for them to approach her.

That's roughly my review of some female characters who love children and thank you for reading.
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