Effective Ways to Be an Honest Person

Effective Ways to Be an Honest Person

Effective Ways to Be an Honest Person. Honesty is a trait that is characterized by words and actions in accordance with reality. Although the definition is simple, in reality it is not easy to be an honest person.

Honesty in the end has indeed become a rare item in society. But that doesn't mean you can't be that commendable figure.

Effective Ways to Be an Honest Person You Can Try

With strong will and real effort, you can definitely break the habit of telling the truth. Below, I've put together some tips for those of you who want to be honest.

Imagine when you were lied to by someone else

Basically, no one likes to be lied to. Whatever the reason, when a person is lied to, he is bound to be disappointed.

Just imagine if your best friend lied to you about your lover's behavior. Under the pretext of guarding your lover's heart, your friend is dishonestly conveying that your lover tends to be flirtatious when outside the home.

How did you feel when you found out about this? Disappointed, right? Telling the truth is sometimes uncomfortable. However, lying is much less fun.

Learn Responsibility

Some people are said to choose not to be honest for good reasons. The white lie is what it's called about. However, sometimes there are also people who don't want to be honest because they want to run away from responsibility. For example, there is an event when you have to work on a project together.

Dishonesty in such cases is cowardice. And if you get used to it, over time you will be known as an unreliable person. Even if your lies are never exposed, your reputation in the eyes of people will be negative.

So, try to be more responsible. Do what is your duty or obligation. Instead of running and covering it with lies.

Stop your low self-esteem

Have you ever been the poorest person among your friends? Or have you ever felt the least beautiful of all?

Sometimes, humans live in a reality that does not match expectations. And as a result, you often lie to cover up your low self-esteem.

For example, because your family is not as rich as other people's, you would say that your family used to be rich but went bankrupt because people cheated on you. Or, when a friend asks where your house is, you will point to someone else's.

It's not good to be depressed in such a situation. But if you continue, you will not rest easy. Your friends will also think you're a cheater one day.

Honest. Even though as a result you are shunned, but at least you have done the right thing. Plus, to be honest, you'll actually be able to sort out which friends are real and which are fake.

Always Intention In Your Heart

Keep it in your heart to try to be the one who speaks the truth. If you've always been used to lying, it's not easy to change it.

Therefore, it takes a strong spirit and intention. If necessary, ask the closest person for help so that you are always reminded to be honest.

Don't be too prestige

Another reason people find it hard to be honest is because of the feeling of wanting to be the best. You may be prestige, and not to be outdone by your acquaintances.

For example, you have a reunion with friends. While chatting, one of your colleagues tells about his successful life.

Since you don't want to lose, you also say the same thing. But of course what you said was a lie. You say that only because you are annoyed with your friend and don't want to lose to him.

Basically dealing with arrogant people is not easy. If your heart is not strong, you can harbor resentment to say that you did not lose to him.

However, lying is still not a good thing. What if you were asked to prove your point?

If you don't like arrogant people, stay away from them. Asking permission to leave when your ears can't stand it is much better than lying.

Ignore Peer Pressure

Some lies arise because of peer pressure. For example, in your division there is a rather corrupt habit. An employee tried to change the habit. But the other division members attacked him instead.

As part of a division, you may find yourself under pressure to join in on the attack on that brave employee. But if you obey the pressure, you will eventually become a hypocrite.

You will be branded as a fraud in the eyes of the victim. Yes, you will probably survive. You won't be fired, but are you ready to live with the burdens of life like that?

Don't feel too uncomfortable

Some of you may like to lie because you feel uncomfortable. You do not want to convey criticism, reprimand, to advice because of a bad mindset.

However, if you are a manager, teacher, parent, or similar profession, this trait is by no means good. As a manager, for example. It is your responsibility to reprimand employees who make mistakes.

Your dishonest character stemming from a bad attitude is completely inappropriate in a professional setting. The same is true if you are an art critic.

At one time, you may be asked to evaluate your own friend's work. And as a professional critic you must be able to give an objective opinion.

Be a Good Example

Many of us want to be honest people but lack strong motivation. Therefore, if you have family that you still care about, make them your motivation.

Especially if you already have children and nephews. In order not to give up easily when trying to be honest, make yourself their role model. Think if they imitate you who likes to lie.

Long Term Thinking

In some cases, lying will indeed save you from trouble. But in the long run, lies always do more harm than good.

In addition, the issue of reputation is also very important. Reputation is not built in a day nor is it built into some of your own actions.

Reputation has been built for a long time. And whether or not your reputation is determined by your own honesty. If you have a bad reputation (even known as a liar), very few people will want to work with you.

Ask for Expert Help

There is such a thing as a pathological savage or a pathological liar. Those who suffer from wild pathology will lie for no apparent reason. Because, there is an inner urge not to tell the truth.

Pathological Wild is a condition that requires medical attention. Those who have this problem sometimes have other, more complex problems. For example, the tendency to commit crimes to brain disorders.

So if you have this problem, of course, you should immediately see a psychologist or psychiatrist. Do not delay so that your problem can be quickly resolved.


There are many reasons why someone can lie. Some are caused by feeling inferior, being too competitive, to having medical problems such as wild pathology.

Whatever the reason, in the long run the habit of lying is not a good habit. Therefore, learn to be honest.

Although the effects are sometimes painful, the truth is still better than lies. So, keep trying to be honest by following the tips about Effective Ways to Be an Honest Person.
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