26 Unique Quotes About Life Part Two

26 Unique Quotes About Life Part Two. Next is the second part of my unique quote, sometimes inspiration comes from anywhere, maybe you also sometimes get interesting quote inspiration when you are in daily activities.
26 Unique Quotes About Life Part Two

26 Unique Quotes About Life Part Two. Next is the second part of my unique quote, sometimes inspiration comes from anywhere, maybe you also sometimes get interesting quote inspiration when you are in daily activities.

And sometimes I get inspired randomly, depending on my mood and where I am.

26 Unique Quotes About Life Part Two, You Can Read

So here are 26 Unique Quotes About Life Part Two and I hope it will bring some color to your day:

Chapter One

1. The closer we are the better we stay away to be safer, because sometimes people forget themselves when they are in a higher position, so it's better to keep your distance and take care of yourself.

2. What you don't know is that there are people whose hearts are very sad, who feel hurt and don't heal, but they look fine, may be taking on a new hobby, and seem to really enjoy the hobby, even if it's just a way of deceiving sadness in their lives.

3. In this world there are still bad people even though you have tried to do good, there are still annoying people, even though you have tried not to interfere in other people's affairs, there are still people who like to insult you, even though he or she is not someone to you, but there are still people who are pretentious about your life, even though you don't know who that person is.

4. Thank you for giving color even though in the end you chose to leave, and thank you for being together even though each one bears the pain in the chest.

5. Busy thinking about my own life problems, so I don't have time to think about other people's business.

6. What is this life? It goes on and on, and what now revolves around someone else, may someday revolve around us, so look within ourselves often.

7. Try not to demand yourself to be what other people want you to be, but keep learning to make yourself stronger day by day, then take the good from others, weigh and adjust and what doesn't feel right, let it fade.

8. If you want to buy your friend's merchandise, act like any other buyer, and don't just because you're his or her friend, it's going to complicate things, like asking for a more discounted price.

9. At first I wanted to relax but realized that when circumstances required me to grow up, and when I wanted to have fun but realized I wasn't a rich kid.

10. Hope with yourself, so that what is expected can be done wholeheartedly, if you expect from others sometimes other people don't take it too seriously and end up disappointing yourself.

11. I just want to challenge myself to be tougher by the day, to get the desired achievements, but not to beat anyone, let alone to compete and find enemies, I'm only interested in conquering myself.

12. Falling in love is sometimes like investing in stocks, there are times when feelings go down and there are times when feelings go up, but the important thing is not to panic and make wrong decisions that end up harming yourself.

13. Learn to take risks, and learn to make decisions, then start opening yourself up to all possibilities. Nothing comes suddenly, because everything takes effort and hard work and don't get used to hanging your fate in the hands of others.

Chapter Two

14. We have the same dream of success, but our paths are different, because each of us has his own way to achieve it, therefore there is no need to put each other down, because there are so many definitions of success.

15. Learn to be independent since it's hard, and fight alone from the bottom, because sometimes life can be filled with complaints, as long as all problems can be defeated, then take their respective portions, and so that the head does not continue to be tense, so that the soul is always balanced.

16. There is always a reason to succeed, just as there is always a reason to fail, and if you look for reasons to fail, you will find failure, and if you look for reasons to succeed, you will also find success.

17. No need to chase other people, just surpass yourself every day, and be better than you were yesterday, That's enough to make you count, at least with yourself.

18. It's okay to be suspicious, but don't overdo it, especially so that anyone who tries to open your heart is immediately rejected by you, or anyone who approaches you, you always keep your distance from him or her. When in the end no one else wants to understand, isn't that what you want? Then, why now often blame your way of life?

19. We all wait for the words: "Grieving the loss of ..." and when your name is called, people will remember what we looked like in their eyes.

20. While you are in power, use your power as you please, just sacrifice those little people, because later when you are old and helpless it is certain that no one will care about you, and you will die slowly and in your deep loneliness, with your soul empty.

21. A job you love with all your heart will always keep you energized even if you are tired of coming over and over, but you always find an excuse to do it again.

22. You and me, we both fall in love easily, both don't want to admit it, until now we've been secretly like this, but hopefully it's not too late and the regret gets thicker.

23. I can't force myself to be your version of fun, but if you want to make friends and learn to understand each other's personalities without being pushy, then I'll take your advice but not your demands and compulsions.

24. It seems I have to accept being called arrogant because my face looks fierce, and I don't really like small talk, my voice is quite loud, and when I speak I must be clear. Sometimes I prefer to be alone, even though in my heart there is absolutely no arrogant intention, but that's okay, I just accept it.

25. Maybe the plan can't be realized, at least we have to stay alive, and if there is still age and health, all the lags can be fought again, keep your spirits up.

26. It could be that hurtful words, if you think about it, and think with an open heart, turn out to be a good thing. Or, it could be that something that sounds very sweet is not right for us, because it's actually just poison that then causes suffering.
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