25 Unique Quotes About Life Part Three

25 Unique Quotes About Life Part Three
25 Unique Quotes About Life Part Three

25 Unique Quotes About Life Part Three. Next is the third part of my unique quote about life, sometimes inspiration comes suddenly, maybe when I'm eating, taking a walk, or just going anywhere.

No need to linger for this time I will give a unique quote from my thoughts which I hope can give something in the mind of the reader.

25 Unique Quotes About Life Part Three, You Can Read

So, here are 25 Unique Quotes About Life Part Three that can freshen up your days:

Chapter One:

1. Give your head time to breathe and don't always get carried away by the burdens of life that come your way.

2. You're getting older, so besides you have a lot to learn to understand, you also have to learn a lot to let go. Including leaving strangers in your life who only hurts you and doesn't make you better and becomes a parasite in your life.

3. At some point, you may have to be brave enough to choose someone who wants to run with you, someone who is ready to take all the risks in the future with you, not someone who promises to stick around but doesn't dare to take the plunge.

4. Sometimes there were quarrels, but for many years they remained together. Some never really let go of each other. There are also those who fight, only a little but choose to separate. Friends, there are things that have to end even though they are sad, and there are things that never run out.

5. As long as there is a mate, he or she will not disappear no matter how hard the obstacles are because there will always be a way to make him or her come back, but when destiny is over, no matter how hard you force there will never be a mate. bond, no matter how hard you make your way, you will still arrive at a crossroads.

6. Not all of your wise advice is suitable for everyone, because for those who are hungry and have no savings, there is no choice but to keep looking for food.

7. If you are young and have never worked, then study harder and hone your skills. Your time will be tighter and your competition will be more and more, so don't be lazy anymore because making money gets harder if you don't have any skills.

8. Life has totally changed and will never be the same again, so start thinking about other ways to survive, maybe today's job might have to change too and other ways to make money, you should start thinking about that too.

9. There will be in life you don't know what to do, and you just want to flow without any plan, without any hope, so just live it and let it end as it is.

10. Keep working and being careful is the way to survive in this gray situation, in all the limitations of motion, we still have to live.

11. The spirit of looking for money to buy your dreams one by one, It's okay to be tired while young, so that you can enjoy an exciting life faster.

12. Don't force something that wasn't created for you that might be your way of life, that wasn't prepared for you, that might age with you, so fighting and knowing the end is important.

13. Now I know why I can't get fat even though I eat a lot, because it turns out that I like to think about unimportant things very seriously all day long.

Chapter Two:

14. Art is like a human being, because to some you may look cool, but to others you look ugly and unimportant.

15. It turns out that there is nothing to overthink about in this world, because everything I am chasing today, one day I also did not bring everything, and life is not necessary according to other people's standards, it looks vain in their eyes, it's okay, still enjoy life to the fullest.

16. Once upon a time, I've tried to look fine, as hard as I can to keep my mouth shut, and tried to laugh in front of a lot of people, then it's cold alone at night, the days go by so long, and my mind floats on the roof - the roof of the room.

17. At one time, I was at the point every morning when I woke up feeling empty, wishing I could sleep more. The days were filled with things just to make time pass, every day thinking about when death would come, and actually being in those days was a bad day for me.

18. Working hard when young is normal, feeling tired of working when young is common. If you are not the son or daughter of a rich person, hard work is not something to suffer, because there are many other sufferings that will come if you are lazy.

19. Do you work on your hobby, then you have little money or you don't work on your hobby, but you have a lot of money? If you still feel poor and there is such an option, work with a lot of money, because a lot of money can pay for your hobby, but if it is just a hobby, and money is not enough then it will make your stomach hungry.

20. Whereas the day ahead is increasingly difficult to map because unexpected things can happen more often, work must be done, and life must be fought for.

21. What motivates you to work? What motivates me to work is my life. No one I can rely on to fight for a better life for me, no rich parents in my life. What I want I have to work for myself, if I stop pursuing what I want, I will definitely not get it.

22. You guarded him or her carefully, but he or she fled heartlessly, and you defended him or her steadfastly, but he or she wandered in the fragile, and in the end you continued to insist on tying him or her with love, but he or she still betrayed you.

23. After this I will no longer discuss you, nor do I care what happens to you, to the point of dulling hope. It's up to what you get, which is definitely none of my business anymore.

24.Some are quietly alone, then cry profusely. The next day trying to appear cheerful again in front of people, as if there was no problem.

25. Take good care of yourself, Take care of your health and ambition, because I know you want a lot, and I understand you are struggling, but also remember your bone limit, not everything has to be earned now, so be patient and Persevere because later you will get what you want.

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