24 Unique Quotes About Life Part Four

24 Unique Quotes About Life Part Four
24 Unique Quotes About Life Part Four

24 Unique Quotes About Life Part Four. Now that I have entered the fourth part, speaking of thoughts, I think that Mind is the determinant of our reality. Thoughts are translators of existing reality, our perception depends on our thoughts. Repetitive thoughts and especially those that are embedded in the subconscious for a long time, will become the beliefs and the basis of our actions.

I am now sharing my quotes which I usually write in my notebook and I will share them here.

24 Unique Quotes About Life Part Four You Can Read

Chapter One:

1. Be happy without me, just remember us as the past, two people who once wanted to be together, then ran aground because they didn't accept each other.

2. Trying to continue to strengthen the heart, trying to keep planning again, everything that has not been achieved today will be fought for again tomorrow.

3. There are those who leave the house just wandering around the city aimlessly, it's just so that the burden on their minds can be a little less.

4. Sometimes the thing that discourages us from learning is the people closest to us, those who like to laugh at our mistakes in the learning process, and that is why it is important to find a mutually supportive environment.

5. Actually I don't like to eat late at night, it's just that there are foods that I like, I don't like to leave those foods alone. That's why I was forced to eat the food, so that the food is not sad.

6. As a creative worker, freelancer, you don't have a boss, you don't have a pension. So take care of your health and productivity while you are young, don't forget to save so that you have a handle when you are old, so being a creative worker is both delicious and dangerous.

7. Everyone can talk anything about you, can give you whatever brand they want, but you also know, you can still ignore all that and continue living the life you choose and want.

8. It's okay if you really don't want to be excited, it's okay if you really want to be lazy, you don't have to always look strong, as long as you know when to work and when to rest, anything in excess is not good.

9. Maybe not always in the form of building a house, but we all need a place to come home to. It could be a place or a person or a cat, it could be a dog and whatever it is that allows us to share difficult and beautiful things without feeling burdened anymore.

10. It's time for you to think about yourself, make yourself happy and do what you love. Don't make yourself the basis of other people's curses, and the abyss to pour out your complaints, a place to accommodate all your suffering, now is the time for you to be happy with your work.

11. The father and mother of someone you underestimate is someone who means a lot to someone. The parent who has prolonged his or her life, The parent who has calmed his or her fears, even though his or her parents is also disappointed, for a child there is no one to judge his or her parents.

Chapter Two:

12. I love you but we can't reach each other, I want you but too many obstacles to reach your side. I may be able to win your heart, but your nervousness scares me, and in the end you're still like a bird in the distant sky, beautiful to look at I can't touch.

13. No child wants to hear their parents badmouthed, even though they know their parents are not perfect, every time you criticize their parents, the pain in their heart is doubled.

14. How are you? Are you still crying silently? Are you still trying to be strong in front of everyone? When your fragile self is unstoppable, don't forget to hug yourself, because even if there is another hug, it doesn't necessarily give strong from the heart.

15. No matter how sorry a child is to his or her parents, in his or her little heart he or she is still not willing to have other people vilify his or her parents in front of him or her.

16. There will come a time when you will come to your senses and say to yourself: "Hmm, there's no need to interfere, this phone doesn't need to be picked up, there's no need to reply to this chat, it's okay if you don't go there too, if you want to be angry please get angry, of course it's okay or this is nothing to think about.

17. Sometimes dating is like a company and an employee, when you're not with him or her anymore, it doesn't take him or her a week to get a replacement.

18. Not all your questions have to be answered by other people, it may not be important for them to answer, so learn to accept, you are not everything in this world.

19. There are people who say they don't like you, and say this and that about you. But all day long he or she is curious about your life, follows all your social media, sometimes likes to wonder, does this person understand what "dislike" means or not? If you don't like it, just walk away from it.

20. I've departed from the seat you only come to when you need it. You are the only goal in your difficult time, I am no longer there. You can look to someone else for your bad luck, I don't want to be a victim of all your bad luck today.

21. Everyone has the instinct to bring down other humans, but some people manage it well, and some people follow that instinct in a bad way.

22. I'd rather bet on a new wound or be completely happy, than having to immerse myself in a wound with a story that has existed in the past. Today is a journey with all its possible contents, yesterday was just a story that needs to be told.

23. Quickly getting a replacement doesn't mean your wound is over, maybe you just want to bet with a new life. Trying to challenge your hurting self to learn to accept strangers in your life. Maybe you will win and be happy, or maybe the pain will repeat itself, but life must go on.

24. Free yourself from the illusion of the mind, dive into the true feelings hidden behind hopes and fears, there is beauty in accepting what is.

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