23 Unique Quotes About Life From Me Part One

23 Unique Quotes About Life From Me Part One
23 Unique Quotes About Life From Me Part One

23 Unique Quotes About Life From Me Part One. A little story, I sometimes like to be pensive in living the dynamics of life, when I am pensive, I often get quotes that land in my mind.

So, I created a blog so that I could write down the quotes that came to my mind so that I could remember and reread what had crossed my mind. And of course I also hope that the quotes I wrote here can inspire your days too.

23 Unique Quotes About Life From Me Part One, You Can Read

This is my first time writing my quote on my blog and I hope you can understand it and here we go 23 Unique Quotes About Life From Me Part One:

Chapter One

1. No more trying to convince, because now we need frequency to chase dreams, tired of just insisting on fighting alone. I don't want time to be wasted, just to make someone believe.

2. Humans continue to process, thoughts also have dynamics, there is no need to judge someone as bad just because their mindset has reached a different point, who previously did not agree, become agree, this is the opposite and you can change too.

3. I just want to be happy with the choices I make, don't expect praise, I just want to find peace. The more days there are more ways to make money, maybe the more people are lazy to do it, lots of prestige and fear of failure.

4. We each have our own way to achieve our dreams, hopefully later we will both reach the peak we want.

5. If you couldn't beat yourself yesterday, at least don't beat yourself up today.

6. Those who are at their toughest who are always trying to look strong because no one cares but themselves. Although sometimes feel lost many times.

7. A man who wants to fight even if he falls, is always worth holding on to.

8. You and him are like darkness and a candle, you are a candle that illuminates, then you just have to wait for your time to run out, then everything will be dark again, aka you are the only one struggling to light up.

9. Good evening people who are still looking for a place that is truly home, life looks happy and having it doesn't necessarily make the soul calm all the time.

10. There will always be people who are against something, if you come across something like this, then you've come a long way. What you explain will also not be accepted, and no matter how reasonable and scientific your explanation is.

11. Be prepared to gain and be prepared to lose, because life is not only happy, there must be sadness too, like a strong tree, grows from many storms.

Chapter Two

12. Trading stocks is like dating an unstable person, because there are so many trials, so if you're not mentally strong, can't control yourself, it's over.

13. When people are asked to do something, they are taught something, mostly they always complain first and are pessimistic. All right, let it go, no need to think about it anymore. Those who don't really want to learn, let it go, just focus on yourself and the people who want to grow with you. At least you are pain free by that person, even if you experience other pains, but that is much better than being hurt by the same person over and over again.

14. While young, learn not to beg, because later your mentality is very difficult to change later, because later it will become a habit and the effect is when you get into a little trouble, and you are not used to relying on yourself.

15. In an increasingly difficult era and more and more competitors, if you are still busy with work, be prepared to leave it.

16. If you are busy envying other people's finances, it can make your finances worse. Just focus on how you work yourself, just focus on improving yourself, because everything has its own path, really.

17. Busy trying to make other people happy, until finally everyone left because you were poor again.

18. Always try to encourage yourself so that when you are tired, rest, not give up. When you lose, you learn more, don't stop chasing what you want. When you don't have this, then try not to beg. You only live once, and as long as there is breath, anything can happen.

19. Working hard to fulfill desires, working hard to achieve dreams and believe me, money from our own sweat is a different kind of pleasure.

20. There's no time to convince you, and no time to explain this and that. Nothing interests you, and you can study on your own if you want, because later you will regret it or not.

21. Feelings are like stocks, sometimes up and sometimes down, but feelings for you are like cold snack stocks.

22. Don't let your generosity make you forget that they are human beings who deserve not to be presented as poorer, and that they are human beings who are basically the same as you, have shame and not only because of being forced to accept your gift, they are willing to be ashamed of being photographed by you.

23. There will always be someone who doesn't like your life, but they really don't need to be counted.
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